Hello everyone! Haven’t posted on FacePunch for a long time. I’m sure you don’t know me, but I’m also the autor of Gm_BuildMania and Gm_BeachPlay.

Yesterday I finally uploaded a map I’ve been working on for a while(since summer, but with interruptions): Gm_NightField.

This is a playground style map. I think about it as a playground because it’s not really suited for general Sandbox playing, although it works fine as one. It’s a bit dark, that’s why. I also think it has some areas good enough for filming machinimas. There are some underground places as well.
If you want the outside to be a bit brighter, there is a button that will activate a big light somewhere in the map. Actually, if you watch the video until you see Gman and Mossman, that’s the room where the button is.
You will need Episode 2 to play this map.

To install it, just place the gm_nightfield folder in your addons folder and you’re good to go.

Here’s a preview video for the map:

Download link:

I am also expecting somebody to make a video review for it, and when it will be ready I’ll update the post here with a video link. It’s possible that the video review won’t be ready until after 1st January.

I appreciate your criticism and suggestions. Thank you.

I mean, it really does look nice and all, and looks like a good map, but your lighting needs work. Sure, it looks great in some spots, but sometimes I saw lights closely pressed against walls giving off a not real look. Kind of ruined it for me. Other than that, your map is decent and well constructed. Gmod community will like.

Images without additional props in would be better than a video showing people messing around on it. I turned off the vid very quickly because of that.

Well, there are 3 images in the download link. I considered I should make a “little story”, not just a bland presentation as it might be boring. I am sorry if you don’t like it. It’s better than nothing in my opinion :).

Put the images on the front page, not hidden behind a link.

Everythign is very boxy, very square. Needs clutter, dirt and grime.

Haha, I fucking loved the video. Especially the GMan and Mossman part. :v:

I admit it’s not the most beautiful detailing in the world, but I thought gmod maps should be less detailed than normal ones :).

Well, the video review took a bit to be done it seems. The reviewer is “Archie”, from

Also, I am aware this is a double post. But look at the date I last posted :).
[EDIT] Btw, the guy that makes these reviews is doing this for free to encourage mappers to improve their skills.
It at least gives you the sense that mapping is not pointless and somebody had a look at it.