GM_Nightway WIP

This is my first map. It is a road through a small forested town at night. 3d skybox, cafe, gas station, pharmacy. Tell me what you think!

It’s pretty good for a first map, but some textures are incorrectly used there are no door frames.


It’s much, much better than most first maps.

Rather blocky, looks ok apart form missing door frames and mis-placed textures, improve on them. Also for a first map it’s ok, better than a few i have seen before.

Thanks i will work on the door frames


I also want to know how to make map less laggy

The hills made me want to kill myself.

Much better than most first maps, though.

Oh hey, you’re a Saint.

6th pic
Those are completely horrid hills.

Look at a few tutorials on there. Other than that it really is not bad at all for a first map.

I know i’m trying to fix those hills. thanks for the website i’ll use it


whenever i try to make displacements they are really jagged and pointy, how to i make them smooth and round?

Update new stuff!!!
3D Skybox improved.

Improved Cafe

Improved Gas Station

Added Pharmacy Supplies and dead survivor

This is really good for a first map compared to most people’s. Although…
I doubt a car looking like that would still have lights on.

Try to use a Light_spot and a point_spotlight here.

Your vending machines emit light behind them? Try sticking to at least one or 2 texture for the walls, its confusing what kind of theme your building is.

While this is better yes, try and smooth out your displacement a bit more so that it looks more natural.

Mess up the tables and chairs and add more of them.

Here is fixed car spotlights:

Added New Power Plant! It was a bitch to make.

Little Details

Whats going on with the ceilings?

Use the point_spotlight entity I liked you, too. Your map would look a lot better with it.