So this is my first real map attempt now i am putting everything together that i know and i wanted to see what you think of it so far… I will take any constructive critism but dont just say wow this map sucks.
Look at the images below they are much better

How cute, no screenshots or information.

sorry dude here it is

What is the map for?

Idk really yet i’m just trying to make a map, i think it would be maybe for zombie survival idk


So what do you think of it?

Quite bland.

Add things like trees and hills on the side of the road. Telephone wires would make it look nicer aswell.
The lights on the cars were a nice idea as well. I don’t usually see people do that in maps.

Overall, it’s decent for a firstish map.

Needs sprites.

Reminded me of the movie Fargo for some reason.

Ok i will add thoes but i am trying to figure this out and i cant figure out how to make hills… :confused: i know i’m a total noob


Haha ok i figured out hills. and i was wondering can you add wires between the telephone poles?


Ok here’s more of it… I’m thinking of adding maybe a cabin somewhere around there… or maybe a rest stop/gas station

Just finished adding wires to utility poles

Add some buildings.

More displacements and better lighting, also try running in highest when taking screen shots.

Terrible road positioning. Try separating it down the center in to two roads, then alter the position to fit the entire road.

I was thinking of adding like a cabin or something…


I just noticed that so i ran in highest


I’m also adding much more hills and such.

Now the newest addition to gm nightway:
Whiteforest Inn:

Nice detail, but a bit empty. Indoor fog and a bunch of gay bikers drunk smoking should add to the environment.

Your telegraph poles need rotating through 90 degrees.


A 3d sky box would be nice as right now the map just… ends.

I’m a little confused on how to make a 3d skybox and i agree that would make the map much much better