Map Made by Davidtheswe
goes into garrysmod/garrysmod/maps

this is one of those, build it yourself maps.
some pics

Download here.

Download here to, but no need to sign in to,

Gee willickers, another generic construct map.

Not very good OP, F- for effort.

Try and do something about those cliffs, they look unnatural.

At least it has lighting and doesn’t look too shitty like most construct remakes.

Oh, those were cliffs?

I like it because its not too blocky like alot of maps like this.

good idea just poorly executed maybe some can spruce it up a bit better

But it’s not a good idea, it’s just a road, some grass and a little lake, it screams construct remake.

first map. A+
Third map. A
Fifth map. B

And so on

It looks pretty good actually. But for v2, fix the blandness of the outer edges by adding a prop_static, then for the world model in the filter search “rockcliff”. This will bring up a bunch of giant rock props which you can use to break up the sides and make them less uniform.