Although this is my first hosted map, it is by far not the first I have made. As a mapper, there are a number of things in every gmod map that annoy me. My solution to any problem is usually the most time consuming, difficult, and fun, so here it is.

-Massive airport with as much free space as Flatgrass
-3 Cities
-2 Capture The Flag arenas
-Large, deep ocean area
-Arctic region
-Huge hill for sledding
-Timed private rooms (10 or 20 minutes before door unlocks)
-0G chamber
-Teleporter network to hold it all together

-Extract, plop the bsp into your garrysmod/garrysmod/maps folder
-No custom textures, no custom props. This map uses only the Source base textures and models included in every Source game.
-No requirements. If you have Garry’s Mod, you can run this map.

Nice map man.

Thanks :smiley:

Can you please post some more pictures here, pics are a bit undescriptive.

Looks good, downloading!

Good, some parts are a bit blocky, tough.

lol. You still continue to spell the map’s name wrong… unless you want it to be spelled differently than every other location in the world with “ville” at the end… It should be Nodexville. :smiley:

Every single map I’ve made has been spelled wrong intentionally. I made a map (unreleased because it’s terrible) called gm_ecsetera and another (also unreleased) called gm_nortumbra.

I’ll give more pics later when my gaming computer is available.

Still waiting on some pictures.

That’s intense man.
The map itself as in layout is really neat! The textures are repetitive though, could use some original architecture, and more details. Otherwise nice job!

Okay. I’ve got screenshots of most of the map. Is that enough? You may not want to look at all the pictures and discover the map yourself, but whatever.

1 City 3
2 Large CTF
3 Snowy hill
4 City 2 from train
5 Noclip view
6-7 Airport
8-11 My brother was screwing around and decided to take pictures. I’m too lazy to delete them
16 Spawn room. There’s a prop dissolver here so minges can’t spam the spawn (dissolving barrel can be seen)
17-19 City 1
20 Dock plank obstacle thing
21 Miniature grass area
22 Oil field
23 Private timed build rooms
24 Inside of one private build room
25 Underground room from elevator
26 Bridge
27 City 2
28 Garage (jalopy was added in gmod, lifts actually work)
29 Teleporter room
30 Health room next to train station in City 2
31 Ocean
32 Fort
33 0G chamber
34-36 Small CTF
37-38 City 3
39 Arctic area
40 Mall
41 Noclip view
42 City 3

Thanks for the feedback. Using only HL2 textures doesn’t exactly make this the most diverse texture environment. I did this partially because I wanted this to be universal and partially because I lack texturing skills. If someone out there has texturing/modeling ability and wants to do something…

Really like the look of this map, any changes or new versions planned?

I really don’t want to turn this into Freespace. I’ve got another idea for a map that would be similar, and a bit more suitable for RP, but it would be an entirely different map with a different name and layout. I’d rather not release essentially the same map over and over again.

Just to irritate grammar Nazi’s like me? :smiley:

Exactly :smiley:

Very good map! I loved it.

Great map! I like!

Woah, nice map!

Airport train, you say?

200 downloads! Wow! I’m working on a new map now, similar but not quite the same, and more rp oriented. Anyone have any other constructive criticism?