This is a construct map I made by putting a bunch of test maps I had together to make a construct map

On a related note this is the first major map I’ve actually published (yay)

-Medium-sized build area with lake
-Garage with a second floor
-3D city skybox
-Apartment-ish building with underground rooms
-Small wetland area
-Fenced area for npc cagematches
-Pit of death with aperture door (leeches included!)



Its not the best construct remake, but it looks pretty cool.

Another construct remake.
Doesn’t look too bad, but its just another construct remake.

Eh not as good as most construct maps, but it isn’t bad. Skybox makes no sense though

What do you mean it doesn’t make sense? I used the city textures from the citadel levels so that the buildings aren’t just floating like in gm_construct.

It’s ok, but seriously? Another construct map…

Why is it day but the city material is a night texture?

Hurray, another construct map.

Just what we need becuase we totally don’t have enough.

oh boy another construct map…


Well I’m going to be positive your map looks good I’m especially a fan of the silo.

It’s not a silo, although it does kind of look like one. It’s a “pit of death”

Basically a big pipe with an iris door, at the bottom there’s a larger dark damp circular chamber, filled with water, mud and leeches, with a couple of barnacles.

It’s alright, the grass displacement paint could be done a little better, but that’s all my 2 cents…

Yeah no kidding.

It’s a good version 1 cheers :cheers:

Its a good map, but seriously, we really don’t need any more construct maps.

looks pretty boring to be honest.

But have you actually played it? I don’t think anyone can judge how boring a map is by pictures alone.

This is great! I absolutely adore the skybox to lol, it makes the map! I would recomend using alot more buildings though lol, like gm_construct used a ton of buildings in the skybox but from an above view it looks like shit, so this is very nice! Plenty of space, also it’s not a gm_construct remake, it’s a construct map for building on with hasty u evil guyz!

You can.

To anyone who cares, this map was meant to be a remake of gm_toastyland6 -

But it kind of “evolved” into a construct map. You can see the apartment-ish buildings in the map are based off those from toastyland, but the rest changed.

Okay then, I posted a video for you.