Download though Toybox under “construct”

Fully noded npc map (this includes ground, air, jump and climb nodes) with many options for setting npc spawn points and frequencies. This origanaly started off as a displacement test, but I decided to do some npc scripting as well. No-clip up to find the spawn room.

I’m fairly new to this kind of displacement work, so any criticism would be appreciated.


-Ground nodes
-Air nodes
-Climb nodes
-Jump nodes
-Rappelling combine
-Ability to toggle various spawn points
-Ability to toggle lighting
-Npc assault points
-Rebel spawns
-Antlion spawns
-Combine spawns



Very awesome, I like the control room.
Also, have you finished the Old Age map?

I’ve stopped mapping for Old Age almost a year ago. I have yet to finish it, however I am turning it into an rp map for another gamemode. The current version of gm_mainland is on toybox under WIP.

very new to displacement work, huh? except you didn’t work on the displacements at all. you must sculpt the displacements, that doesn’t look like a cave. it also needs lighting. actual lighting, not random light entities. i know it’s a cave, but you want to give it an atmosphere, and it doesn’t have any. atm lights come out of nowhere and don’t make sense. textures are repetitive, boring and overall bland. pick more textures or use blend textures. next time actually work on the displacements. seems like you made a bunch of squares, subdivided it and called it a day. again, work on the texturing. the map only uses like a single texture, and it looks horrid because of it.

mediocre, no effort. still it serves for its sole purpose of npc testing so i guess that’s that.

This map was originally created as a test for this kind of subdivision. This is the first time I’ve done anything other than working with basic, 800x800 displacements. As for the lighting, I really have no idea what kind of natural light sources you could find in a cave. As a result, I simply lined up some light entities with the option of disabling them to add at least some visibility for the player. I’m aware of the lack of textures and blend textures are there, but in short abundance. I decided to script and upload this due the lack of npc related maps on toybox so yes, its sole purpose is for npc usage and that pretty much is, that.

I’ll keep these in mind for the next map I make, criticism accepted, however known.