gm_nsr_arena, Map I just made, need opinions.

Alright So I just compiled a map ive been working on, its the arena for the tournaments in DBZ. It will be used for a build/dm server and I need some opinions. It does not need to be as detailed as other maps, because I need it to be a small file size.

Jorpakko is only like 15mb and Oskutin crammed more detail than your mind can comprehend into it

Thanks for the suggestion.

Yeah the only thing that really makes the map size go up is the amount of brushwork, little things like decals and overlays pretty much have no effect on file size. Models, a bit more but still.

I’ll be the first to say it looks terrible. Clearly not nearly enough effort has been put into it to make it worth posting.

Whether or not you are a decent mapper cannot be judged from this map because this is most definitely not the best you, or anyone, can do.

Depends if you’re packing custom materials or models into the .bsp or not

Looks very Asian.

Needs lots and lots of detail. Make it look awesome, and file sizes will still be fairly low.