Gm_Nuclear: In heavy beta.

This is my newest map that I’m going to be releasing soon. It will have a forest, a lake, a small town (Still deciding this) and the main feature of this map is the nuclear power station that rests right in the centre.

A few friends of mine will be doing a disaster act on this map when it’s finished which will be put on Youtube.

This map is still in heavy beta so please don’t bash it hard yet.

This is the turbine room. There are 7 more turbines outside in the main hall.

This is the nuclear reactor itself, this isn’t finished yet so expect it to have more pipage.

This is the spent fuel holding pool, this is where they store nuclear fuel for 10 years before sending it off to be casked.

And this is the exterior of the building which is still being done.

Looks great, especially for a WIP, keep up the good work.

If you FINISH this, this will be the best map ever made. #1 importance of this map. Make the town decent, stores, homes, roleplayable. Make the Powerstation very decent, make everything workable or at least make it accessable for RP. Give the ability to raise the rod’s and let us dispose of them ourselves maybe? Have a control room with buttons that control the reactor, give possiblites of a melt down. Make it Maintainable ( You have to take care of it or it will go critical or something). Have the reactor room radioactive to a point, so if you had to go in and say repair it, your health would go down like 1 every second with the ticking of the geiger counter (the feature HL2 already has). Have other rooms at the nuclear power plant, decontamination rooms, labs, mess hall, showers, lockers, office area, control center.


The reactor room is already highly reactive. Stand there for more than 5 seconds and you’ll die. (Not five, stand there and you lose one HP every second.)

Yes I will include it all… The control rod thing sounds hard but I’ll try it.

I suggest that you make that turbine room a bit smaller. Right now there is a lot of unused space and empty walls. I know it is just a wip, but you should really consider the size of that room.

The reactor room it self looks okay, a bit more pipes and some machinery + some dramatic lightning and you do fine there. Also you could try to make the room a bit less square.

The outside suffers from the same as the turbine room, a lot of unused space and empty walls.

I can’t really say many bad things about the map as although it is obviously heavy WIP, there is a lot of potential there. Maybe i’m just a sucker for images that are taken with highish settings on or something :smiley:

The only thing i will say is that some of the areas looks very square. Some detail needs to be added, as well as a bit of clutter.

So this is what Adam was telling me about on steam.

Call it reactor 4 :v:

I think the tile texture in the first 2 images are too clean compared to the rest of the rooms.

Yes, thanks for the CC, I will spruce up the exterior of the building aswell as put some more machinery into the empty spaces.

Looks good so far. Don’t forget sprites.

I’ll upload some latest pics soon.


Latest Images

Ok, so far I’ve managed to fit the chimney, build the control room and edit some of the turbine rooms. I’ve also made some updates on the nuclear reactor. I’m still trying to figure out how to make the rods go up and down, AND to be player controlled.

I wanted to give the map an RP theme… such as residents living in the nearby town and workers at the plant.

But, I reckon you could use it for any purpose, either way, it’s far from done. So he’s the pictures. (Also want anything included? Tell me here).

  • This is the newest update on the reactor, I will still be adding stuff to it so don’t worry.

A long corridor to run down.

Spent fuel pool with temporary dark blue lighting.

  • The exterior of the plant, please ignore any invisible parts as it is just nodraw.

I lol’d.

Nice map though.
One thing, why would you build the reactor like that? I imagine heavier radiation shielding would be in place IRL.

Dunno about the older ones… I am also going to place a shielded blast door in the access tunnel.

And the exterior of the reactor isn’t done yet :).

Are you gonna add cooling towers?

Need moar Chernobyl cooling towers.

So,is this going to be a map were the powerstation is were everyone works and the admin get to choose when the shit goes down?

Probably yes. Or maybe the workers do that themselves.

Looks pretty sweat.

Just fitted the cap to the reactor. Will carry on tommorow.

Good lord I am so glad your working so hard on this map, I really cannot wait. It’s looking GREAT! I really can’t give any more opionions because of that, that I don’t know the true layout of the map its really coming together! What kind of nuclear reactor is this going to be, and are you modeling it after any plant in particular?