[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Gm_Nuclearsilo

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] A map that contains a underground nuclear missile base along with one silo.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garry’s mod 10 updated, and Détente.

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

I have completed my first Valve hammer map. This map is exactly what it’s named. It is a flat map with a nuclear missile base complete with a deep underground command center, a few corridors along with some empty rooms to allow you to customize the silo either it be a real active missile base or a house! The Silo is large enough to accommodate a Titan 2 scale ICBM.

Features: A blast door that can be opened by a button.
Underground command center and base.
A ICBM silo that can hold large sizes of a nuke.
A flat land.

Credits: Me, and bounty.

Thank you very much bounty for Fixing the skybox, adding the door, adding the lighting, fixing the missing solids error, and Compiling it!

I hope you enjoy my first map!
NOTE: Images in download link.

I’ll check it out.

Just pm me if you ever need more help.

I might make a mountain underground military facility, i’ll pm you when i start it. Yes, you might need to finish that too cause hammer will crash on me when i load it.

You mean like The stargate SGC? That is awesome!

No, it won’t be like stargate. I wil make a mountain with a modern concrete military base underneath, to give people the impression that nukes can be avoided inside, which of coure they will.

…So, like the Stargate SGC.

Obviously haven’t watched enough Stargate SG-1 lately.

I don’t watch that show, no. Isn’t it too sci-fi to be similar to this modern idea?

Let’s stay on subject, let me know what you think about the map.

I don’t like stargate. It’s a bit geeky. Stop relating the base to stargate, otherwize, if he releases it, tonnes of people will complain that it’s not star-gatey enough.

Yeah, besides isn’t stargate like 300 years into the future? I am not trying to make futuristic bases, just modern US government facilities.

It isn’t that great but at least it isn’t just a big hole in the ground.

Nope, it’s not 300 years into the future, it’s actually just normal current modern day where we discovered stargate technology.

Yes. It is just modern day with a more advanced technology. It doesn’t look like startrek with their redshirts and phrasers.

they use normal weapons in the show.

anyways I like the map.

You said it includes a missile and I can’t find it. And I think you should improve the map a little more.

I don’t remember saying that it has one.

No, it isn’t gonna be like stargate. It’s just a military base.

lol i have already started one :stuck_out_tongue:

You should add an iris style opening and closing ceiling for the silo. That’d make it pretty epic. Also perhaps you could make another base not far away? Nuke wars anyone?

sounds like a good idea.