gm_oceanic; endless, seamless ocean.

[release][ul]Requirements: You need to have episode 2 and Garry’s Mod (obviously, why would you download this without Garry’s Mod?)[/ul]

[ul]You also need a decent PC because the 3D skybox is fucking massive, but this probably won’t effect anyone with a PC made after 2004.[/ul]


Are you sure you fulfill the above requirements? Ok, good. Now download it.[/release]

Endless? I think not!


Awesome anyways :buddy:

Oh yes it is, the only reason there’s a wall around the actual map is to hide the horrible bug with 3d skybox and underwater brushes. Oh and so you know where the end of the map is.

Actually… I like it even the fact that theres not a person that ever used such a huge space.

And the fact the 3d skybox is 14000^2 units :v:?


Ugh… You should make it smaller and just change value of resizing in sky_camera. What means also that you have to use another value of resizing while transforming it… not .0625 but…ugh… nvm :smiley:

Yeah I know, it’s fine as it is though.

Also a bit blend fog would be awesome and may hide corners of skybox

You can’t really notice the edge that much, and the fog I tried wouldn’t work so it’s a no-go for now. Most people would be building anyways and not looking at valve’s lazy work on the skybox I used (even though you mentioned fog, there’s kinda a seam on that skybox :v:.)

It’s like only mappers are looking at details on map, when I was silly player then I wasn’t really looking at them, now every map I am playing, I look how brushes and models are placed.

Seems like many things aren’t working on your map =3
Not that many but still. Fog would be great and another skybox :D.
That’s all.

Meh, I think it’s fine tbh. I served my purpose as the guy who I made it for was more than pleased.

Good for him. I’ll make good use of this map too.


So wait, how is this any different from flatgrass? Its just flatwater.

Is there terrain under the water I’m not seeing? Other than that, this looks like a 5 minute job with no real skill involved.

Just because you make really big maps, does not make them good. Just means you have lots of empty, useless space.

i made a map like this heh

it doesn’t seem very seamless to me

dude what if i wanted to make a big fucking boat, would be kinda pointless on flatgrass wouldn’t it

Um, what?

You missed my point completely.

Not to mention this has been done before dozens of times.

Today’s map is brought to you by the letter H.

I think it could be amusing regardless of the amount of time it took to make. I, however, agree that it would be cool if this map had some more interesting undersea landscape like ravines or sea volcanoes or sunken pirate ships or something.

Also is the water level constant? Or do my enemy’s ships just go down a couple of player heights when I sink them?

Was just going to link your map. It’s been done, sorry (and HFO is better for water battles because there’s a lot more room for subs).