This is version 5 of a map that goes onto the Official Legendary Gamers server.

It has features for both builders and roleplayers. I hope you like it!

Yes it may need some more detail, but its pretty nice to play on. It also has specific keyvalues so in sandbox you can’t delete or move the entities in the map.

Looks nice, good job.

Nice. Rated artistic.

A bit too bright, and the grass looks a bit funky.
Seems okay though.

I guess it is a little bright. When you play it you kinda get used to it, but I’ll make it a little less brighter in the next version. And the grass is probably funky because of the lighting so I’ll pick a better grass texture too.

And thanks for all the comments! :slight_smile:

Not bad, a little birght though


New release is out!

I changed what you guys suggested and I think it turned out pretty well. :slight_smile: Thanks for the help! I changed the police station and added a few more things to the map. It also has anti physgun and toolgun keyvalues for the entities so no one can mess anything up in sandbox.

Thanks again. :smiley: