This is the version six of a map that is now available to any server, even though it’s still dedicated to the Official Legendary Gamers server.

This map has many different features for both building and role playing.

I realize that the 3D skybox may have a few lines in it and there are some lighting bugs. I just noticed when I posted the screenshots so I’ll get to them in the next version but otherwise, I haven’t really found any major bugs. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking or downloading!


Looks a little too cluttered to be used for building.

There are some build spots on the sides. I could make them bigger in the next version if you want.

It would probably be a good idea, what with that being one of the main features of build maps: massive, open, uninterrupted flat surfaces.

Though we’re not talking flatgrass size here, I just mean something large enough to hold, say, a large battleship.

I just finished adding in a large flat area right next to a lake in the back of the map. I hope it’ll be big enough. :smiley:

Bland lighting, and I agree with CoolCorky.