Here is the download link:

Server that should have this:

This is a pretty nice map for BuildRP servers.

It contains:

Police Station
Mayor’s Office
Citadel Mayor Office
Gun Store
Arena Shops
Huge Build Area
Bubble Room
3D Skybox

Thanks if you download!

I realize there are a few errors with the lighting in a few spots, I will try to fix them in the next version, which should be the last. Thanks again!

One day, I was on the forums, I recalled it as the mapping forums.
I clicked on the thread and I… JIZZED IN MY PANTS!
Nice map.

It looks random and good at the same time. :confused:


3D skybox probably looks great if viewed from ground level.
I’m not a fan of the buildings and those oaks.

But it’s not too bad.

Looks really nice, it has my download.

Thanks. I wasn’t expecting that much comments.

I’ve got the .vrad filled up to about max (which is bad)

I can’t really add anymore to this map. :S
I wish I could add a bit more, but thank you for your replies. :slight_smile:

Very nice

Now make a combine themed map

Do you mean a citadel map or combine themed city?


Why it looks like some gm_construct_revolution map ?

I guess you could call it that, but it wasn’t intended to be. It doesn’t have too many buildings that you should be making your own things in, unless you count the arena in the middle.

And I’m not sure about the citadel map. I can try it, but I usually develop the maps over time, as you can see that this is version seven. The first map was horrible compared to this. But I will attempt it and maybe release it once I think it’s good enough.


I love it. It looks god for both build and role play.