A nice calm map for those who like building in the open.

Not very large, ideal for making slow moving vehicles and bases atop the 4 main islands.

Each island is virtually equal in size and flat, good fun with pallet bases and Cannons! addon.


3d skybox <- albeit a bit shitty

Those who were hopign this would be offroadable, i made a more suitable map for that here

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s actually pretty nice.

Not bad. Much of the land is too flat, looks like flatgrass with ditches cut into it. Then again in the WIP thread you said a lot about building bases so I suppose it would be beneficial in that regard. But other than that, looks nice.

I would have liked to see a closeup of the seems between the 3d skybox and inside.
It doesn’t look right from far away.
Just sayin’.

Excellent, I’ll download this map later on along with Offroad. Wish I could add 2+ Art, damn.

wow, thank’s for your comments, yes, the skybox was a BASTARD to re-align, then i forgot to past it back and i had deleted the other part, basically meaning i had to re-sew it which made it really low down… - it’s connected to the main map, but with steep edges.

I think for my next project i will make something alot more realistic and… better.
Thanks again for your support. That is what urged me to finish this =)

What would be fun is if u connected all the bodies of water, and gave them a current. Then you could have boats going around :smiley:

I’m glad you added a 3D Skybox :slight_smile:

Great job, It looks really nice.

@d0m1n1c, that’s an awesome idea, i’ll bare that in mind for any future maps like this i make.

@renegeed, thank you very much for you’re comment.

All comments are appreciated, thanks for all the positive feedback :slight_smile:

You can make it look less repetitive by using more than one grass texture.

You can make the painting brushes larger so it paints softer, because it’s looking a bit unrealistic. But with a little work it could be a great map!

Yea yea, i was experimentng with that, trust me, compared to the first revision that is very smooth =P.

I struggled at getting the sand smooth, it sticks in squares so, and was hard to make it even.

Also, there were no different grass & sand textures, they are rock and grass, mud and grass etc.

Thanks again for the feedback :slight_smile:

Do you have Episode 2?

i do, but i didn’t use it to make this map.

Hey It’s out, Also the Skybox (from what i can see) Looks good.

hehe, thanks ;), at the edge, it’s really steep, and looks quite bad, but i played it just with some friends with fortwars, omg, so fun.

Looks very great, ill try it sometime.

Thank’s =)
You do that ;p