I’m working on a space map for the purpose of space battles, the idea was given by a new project I’m working on whit madman07 the Daedalus, its most designed around the Daedalus and their other ships like the F302’s and Puddle Jumpers, but as for now I’m working on it and i want to add more stuff to it so if you have any idea’s feel free to suggest.

As for now i made a large hangar for the Daedalus, and 2 external hangars for F302’s and Puddle Jumpers (and any other small ships)

I also made a little area for the sg1 ramp and a Stargate to place in and I’m going to make some special ring teleportation locations on it.

Here are some pictures what i got so far:

Hope you like it, though its sad the source engine got a map size limit so there is a limit :’(

Update 2:

Added top hangar for the external hangars reachable whit ladders:

Update 3: Changed Skybox, Added no gravity outside, made some changes in global, still idea’s are welcome.

Very blocky, and lighting sucks.

blocky indeed, you cant expect much from a first try + there is no lightning yet.

for a first try really nice (my was even worse)

Well i mapped before but that was like 2 years ago, though any idea’s for this map are welcome.

a use?

gtfo of this thread.

a 2nd space station and of cours a nice exterior for the stations

yea thats planned :slight_smile: also i’m now adding ring teleport platforms to get faster whit it, madman is going to code the gate spawner.

We do not use acronyms like that on this forum. Instead of gtfo we say get out

What lighting, I see no lights.

Nice map but The names been taken try gm_space_wars or soming

ah oke will change to: gm_space_wars

Textures are very repetitive.

I’m searching some one who can help me optimizing this map, beacuse i get engine hunk overflow when i place the second base, i tried optimizing as hard i can avoiding overlaying bruches but i don’t know how to work whit hint or area portal or any other kind of optimizing tools, so if some one have time to help me pm me :slight_smile:

well still can’t figure out how to i rly need some one whit experience to do this job.

Ill do it.

oke nice i will send you the file’s trough pm :slight_smile: thanks for helping.

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