GM_Openspace V1

GM_Openspace is a map shaped in a rectangle and it has a giant field and one tiny room that is great for relaxing.
GM_Openspace V2 is now released! Look at the thread.

GM_Openspace Logo:


Installation Instructions:
First, download the BSP file.
Secondly, go to your Garry’s Mod directory, your Garry’s Mod folder is found in SteamApps / common
Then, find your maps folder.
Lastly, put your BSP file into the maps folder.

Some shitty map pictures:
Tiny Room: Front View

Tiny Room: Top View

Field of Sabrean’s Headcrab Zombies

You’re ready to have fun in Openspace!

Perhaps you could provide us with some pictures of the map?

So we know what we’re going to be downloading?

Oh yeah, I forgot about that, pictures being added!
EDIT: Pictures added!

maybe a… . . . few more pictures woudl be better . . .

Pictures fixed, they are now a normal size.

Well done for learning, creating a map and having the courage to release it ‘somecoolkid97’ :slight_smile:

If you ever need any help with anything feel free to add me on Steam and I’ll be happy to help!

GM_OpenspaceV2 is coming soon!
EDIT: GM_Openspace V2 is released!
Look at the GM_Openspace V2 thread.


Come on man, are you even trying?

oh god less pictures less pictures now please. forgive me, eyes

If his map doubles in quality, then after the next couple of maps, we should be seeing some quality work.

It would not take much for his map to double in quality to be honest.

Using a light_environment, changing that horrible blend mud texture into an actual grass texture, and using something other than brick would do more than double the quality of the map.

That would just be scratching the surface

The horrible mud texture is an actual grass texture in Openspace V2 now, but I’m not quite sure about changing the brick wall texture.

If you need a reason as to why you should change the brick texture, it’s because it also looks unpleasant.

Alright, I’ll probably use a concrete texture next time.

you’re 17?

Almost 18 I guess. That you try to release everything you made when you’re 13 I understand, I did my crap part in releasing game stuff too when I was that age, but if you’re almost 18 you should’ve know that this ‘release’ is unacceptable on literally every level. Feels more like i’m being trolled.

Somecoolkid97, if you’re for real, start with simple mapping tutorials and have a look at some stuff others made so you have an idea what to aim for. Luckely people provided you with lots of links so start there. And try to release something people have a reason for to play helps too.

Man, you guys are being way too rough on somecoolkid97. This is not constructive criticism.