This map was made for me. This is the Otbar’s Island from the game Ishar 2 Messenger of Doom. This pretend to be a recreation of this island from the ms-dos graphics to source engine. Include npcs to battle, Is fully compatible with CSS. It map have nodes for npcs. . I strongly recomended you to download the medieval gamemode** for this map or instead the addon Sword Pack Final and Addon Dragon Snpc or you will never experienced completely the feelings of this map.**

[release] [tab]Name:[/tab] gm_otbar_island

[tab]Version:[/tab] 27
[tab]Description:[/tab] A big dungeon map with npcs inspired in an abandonware game.

[tab]Requeriments:[/tab] Counter Strike Source, Half Life 2
[tab]FPSbanana Download:[/tab]

[tab]Garrysmod Download:[/tab]


This post will reflect both maps.

Looking better, but you still are pumping out not very good maps in very short succession. The displacements are still very spiky, and the rooms are very square. Textures are used in a haphazard fashion, and the light models don’t appear to fit the theme.

those textures look UGLY. I hope it’s just the game settings.

I hope you are not like your avatar lol

Seems kinda blocky with bland lighting. I also don’t like texturing there, and that small desert island in the last image, is that all one displacement? It looks like to me that’s one big displacement. If it is, I’d personally make that into a 512 x 512, select the top face, and make that into a power of 2.

I need to improve this map and that is true.
Edit: Map was updated to fix some bugs

Stop posting maps till you get better.
Post in the Map Pimpage thread for C & C.

Please don’t troll here as you avatar

It’s an avatar.
I don’t think your a giant headcrab.
You maps are nothing special man.
I’m not trolling you. In fact, people take my avatar too seriously. The fact is the maps need alot of work. The displacements as mentioned are WAY too pointy. Texturing is bad. Very blocky.

You know you can’t use an alt account

You’re not good at handling criticism, eh?

What are you talking about?
This is not an alt.
This is my main account.

Buddy, if I’m trolling, I will personally get a mod to get myself banned. I am trying to help you out.

And alternate accounts are fine. The reason most of people get banned for alt of permbanned user is if they keep making them and making them after being permbanned a few times.

So if I say, “Fix some stuff in your map” you consider that trolling?

He is right. Quit making a shitload of threads. Instead, make one single thread or post in the map pimpage.

Fixed. Post in this thread about the map, what you like the map and what you like to improve. that is all.

What about what we don’t like about the map? Is that permitted?

Repeating textures were popular back in Quake 1.

Remains me that i can use custom ms-dos textures still. Is not a bad idea. As far you know those maps are based on a ms-dos game.

It is a bad idea. As far as i’m concerned source is capable of so much more. It’s a waste to create an exact replica of a map. If you have all this technology, why use it to make a crap looking map. Why not make it look up to date. Otherwise, why not go any play the original, especially if its abandonware.

I already played the original but is not online, that is the main point since you can play those maps in multiplayer with more people. In the begining i was thinking in a replicant of the map and same monsters, but i can’t make those sprites into .mdl and i don’t know how to import the textures from the .io files extension from the original game. So i do my best and i am satisfy with the result.

Map updated 27, fixed one bug and the main texture of the island in the outdoors. Also optimized.