:siren:IMPORTANT: You need Episode 2 to play this!!!:siren:

Ok, so I’ve gotten some feedback on what good and what’s bad about this map. I’m sorry I haven’t posted an update in a while, my source SDK wasn’t working properly for a while. But now that I have fixed it I plan to get to ork again on this project.
Now a lot of people have complained about the repetative textures and blocky rooms. So I have decided that the next update will be completely on making the rooms more detailed and fixing all the repetative textures.

[li]Beta 1
IMPORTANT: Make a folder named gm_overstruct_beta in your addons folder and extract the contents of the zip to that folder.

Please post any tips, comments, and stuff. :v:

Alot of repeating textures and needs better textures

Looks nice! Needs some less repetetive textures (possibly decals or something to break it) although honestly I could care less so long as the map is fun to play on! Overall looks good so far

Looks fun, however, as everyone else said, those textures need to be replaced

This is the only time I will ever use the following line, as it actually seems appropriate in this situation:

Looks good, but work on the textures a little bit.

So what if I dramatically increased the size/scale of the textures on the walls where it’s repeating too much?

Pic 4 is smexy

woah, yay! I’m excited finally a nice combine theme construct map! :biggrin: combine theme is coming along nice, textures need some work, if you search “cit” in the textures maybe some more stuff you could use, or decals maybe. Also that doorway in the first picture is very nice. Good work!

You could increase the scale, however that comes at the cost of quality. You can break it up with decals, different architecture stylings on the walls (pillars/jutting pieces of wall that have a slightly different/matching texture) or with models of pipes/combine stuff (monitors, energy ball tubes, whatever).

Sounds good. I’ll fix that. Anything else I need to fix/add? :banjo:

Oh and picture 5, why is there a dirt texture as a wall?

That’s concrete, innit?

Yeah, that’s concrete not dirt…

Looks like dirt to me. :v:

Use custom textures if you have to, because spamming Combine Textures everywhere won’t do much to break repetitive texture work.

Yes, I’ve gotten that point already and have been working on that. Any other suggestions other than the texture fixes?

Come on! work on this again! (he’s not gone, his last activity = week ago.)

I like it, but it’s a bit too empty

Read the post dates people.

I like it. Just very empty