I have been working on this map for a few days, i think it came out pretty well, it is my 1st G-mod map, but i have made counter strike source maps before.

Known Bugs:

  1. Do not spawn anything in secret room, it crashes!

  2. Do not swim all the way down to the water pit, black hole!

  3. Custom textures sometimes do not show when starting the map, just keep restarting the map or wait and they will show.

PICTURES IN LINK, CS:S REQUIRED also try before you rate!

Interesting. And like I said in Steam, I will try this.

It’s fullbright. You need better lighting, seriously.

Yeah, I told him that, he’s going to make a later version w/ lighting.

You have a leak, fixing that will fix most of the problems.

It’s flat, blocky and fullbright, the map needs some serious work

Definitely not paradise. Needs a lot of work!

It’s more like (facepalm emote)dise.

I’m sorry, but it needs alot of work. Mainly the lighting and the blockyness.


Why? The screen shot shows it all.

Please add decent lighting/a 3D skybox/more displacements/blended textures/more buildings in general to this map.

The idea of a beach map is nice, just this map needs more work before it is classed as a release.

(As a note I hope you haven’t just shoved a skybox around the entire map, it kind of looks like it but not sure.)