GM_paradox - Your mind will be blown

I was thinking the other day about how all sandbox maps are basically the same. They all were built with the same style: a simplistic environment and a hl2 skybox, with slight variations between them to merit a separate download link. I thought, what would happen if I turned that simple world on it’s head? What would a sandbox map be like if it was not only great for building, but appealing to the eye as well? In a game that makes you think, shouldn’t the maps follow suit? For this project, I set out to create something that appeals to your eyes and ears, something that those under the influence of certain illicit drugs would especially enjoy (as well as those not under the influence).

I started work on gm_paradox a couple weeks ago, and haven’t gotten very far. I’m not ready to show in game screens yet due to compile issues, but here’s some hammer screens depicting the very basics of what is to come.

So what do you guys think? Terrible idea, good idea, great idea? Is it worth putting a lot of work into? Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m going to attempt to jam pack as much trippy shit into the map as I can.

UPDATE: More screens:

Great idea! looks epic so far. A good idea is if you can reverse gravity for you and your current props if you stand on a set location, like a pressure pad.

Looks awesome so far be sure to node it

What kind of compile issues are you getting? Because you may want to fix those before spending too much more time on a map that won’t work.

I hope to trip balls when this is out.

Blew my mind.

These textures


I think it has something to do with too much empty space. Which is why adding more might actually fix it. Also, that 3d skybox with the shitload of cubes needs to be optimized with nodraw, i think it’s crashing the player

If that thing’s for the 3D skybox, just func_detail the lot of them.

Awesome!!! Message me on steam when its done, or PM me on the forum! Can I be a beta tester please?

Haha yeah sure. You can go ahead and add me to steam friends (shoffing), cuz I’ll probably forget to add you :frowning:


I did, but the player is still getting engine hunk overflow on start. I might have to add some fog or make it a prop.

Hmm, I wouldn’t mind beta testing actually. I usually just judge maps based on screenshots but this one looks a little too trippy to do that.


I really like it. :slight_smile: Its a wonderful idea.

This is great!

Hey guys, here’s some screenshots of the latest compile. I had to take out quite a bit to get it to compile relatively quickly (IE 5-6 minutes) because I’m impatient when it comes to things like that, but you do get to see the trippy floating waterfall island thing and the main spawn area in this tiny piece of the map. Enjoy the screens!

Looks great, keep it up!

Hm… Something is wrong… Like a wrong SECTION?
:geno: I wonder…

Its not a release, but still should go to mapping. Ask an admin to move this thread.