Hello guys,

Been working on this map for about a month now and i want to release it.

It’s horror themed but don’t expect much.

This is my second map ever created, but i put a lot of dedication in it, so i would appreciate some feedback.

(note it’s still beta)

Cool. It’s awesome. Keep upgrading, and it will be even more awesome.

Very good, though painfully short. I do hope you’ll lengthen it- your technique is very promising. I actually felt as if something was going to come out and attack me, yet you refrained from resorting to throwing enemies at me.

Thanks for the feedback already, i will lengthen it, it was a big concern when i uploaded the map. And for the cheap scares… i don’t know the complicated stuff yet to make people shit there pants hehe. So if any of you could direct me to a site were they teach you the ‘scary’ triggers or events, please do.

Played through it, and it is nice for a second map, albeit a bit short. I would also suggest that you work a bit on the transitions between those hallways. Good sounds in there as well.

have a look at dead space if you want to know how to scare people… namely, when they feel they’re safe (e.g. in an elevator, which is always safe), then they get attacked
or just doors opening or closing randomly

dead space wasn’t all that scary really, it just created a feeling of desperation. If you want to know how to scare, take a look at the silent hill series, Penumbra 1&2 and amnesia. and look up “scary” map trigger tutorials, because these triggers can be a huge help. Don’t throw in too many though, and space them out nicely, otherwise it’ll get old fast leaving players bored. Also, when you’re creating your environment, dark is good, but not too dark. You want every corner to be visible, so the player sees exactly how many places something deadly can come from. If you want to go for classic horror, a little bit of blood here and there is good, but not too much, and don’t feel hesitant about adding a touch of the surreal. Sounds can also make a huge impression on a player too. Try adding a few really simple things, like quiet breathing, unrecognizable sounds, muffled screams, snapping noises, etc. keep the player expecting something fucked up to happpen, and you’ll have everyone shitting their pants in no time.

in semi-related news i fucking hate vents and long hallways and i never want to go in them

not really enjoyable. :confused:

hey man, great job! I love the map! I wish you luck on making more of these! :iiam:

To be honest, I thought this map was going to be crap compared to gm_ghosthunt. I really don’t have anything bad to say about it. I like the theme, and ESPECIALLY the lighting. It really makes it look good. Great work!

Woah, that prop_dynamic skeleton scared the crap out of me. Good Job!!

Someone to play this with SCP-173 from the Toybox. I dare you. Or the Weeping Angels.

Guys, read the post date…