gm_partyhouse WIP

I’ve been working since 12:00 AM until 1:23 AM non-stop on this map, and I’m very pleased with where I’m at so far. It is based on a two story house, with an extra floor on the bottom, and it’s very expensive looking. If you would like to see anything on there, just tell me.

Open House: Down

Please download the map BEFORE entering the server:

That’s all of it for now. What is left? Well I would like to add a secret place so it could lead out to somewhere bigger, or perhaps another house when I’m up for it. And also, I need to make the top floor more interactive. I would like to add a youtube player for the TV, and make the lights controllable. The top floor is the only one with no control.

List of updates waiting to happen:

  • Bigger yard with balcony overview, and larger pool and lounge area
  • Garage with a nice car
  • Better stairs on the entrance
  • Different ceiling for bottom floor

The interior looks really nice but you definitely need to work on the outside.
Maybe make it look more modern. Those stairs out the front look weird, make them look nicer like with a metal or cool glass textures or even replace them with an elevator.
Good work so far :slight_smile:

Well those are good suggestions, but I’m trying to make it a realistic looking map. Elevator seems a bit out of question, and metal might be a little weird. Glass maybe, but perhaps I need just a brighter wood texture that contrasts better with the brick?

Well, you could always remove the posters in the pool. and mayb in the room upstairs. mayb you could also add a garage with a nice looking car :\


Maybe recreate the stairs to make them look more modern like…

Go to Google Images and search for Modern Stairs and it comes up with heaps of cool stairs.

Updated Status with Pictures!

The back yard needs better lighting and foliage, but it’s still work in progress. Suggestions welcome!

I’ll be having open house for a while today; don’t miss out!

and to think, just last week he was asking us for tips. nice job man.

Is that sarcasm? I can’t tell if that’s an insult or a compliment.

its a compliment.

The outside texture its kinda repetitive and boring (the brick’s texture) :x And the long-tall stairs don’t seem to fit the house… You should listen to Dosycool and make them a little more modern.

The inside looks good, but still has a lot of repetitive textures.

Good luck and nice job so far.

Oh ok, well thank you :slight_smile:


Oh ok, well thank you :slight_smile:

No offense, but i think the textures are ugly
Everything looks dark and repetitive.

toga toga toga! looks good

I’ve heard many things about textures being repetitive. What would you guys think the house should look like on the exterior? And for the interior too?

What’s up with the bed and the lamp? The texture looks like the UV map.

The black bed mindfucks me. It looks way out of place.

This has potential, looks good

Not bad! I like it :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work.