Well, I was testing my portal map… the first one of a map series/possible mod…
and I thought of the apocolypse; Aperture labs are in decay here.

So, I got bored of making that map, and I made this. It finished compiling at exactly 11:00 PM :smiley:

You sure nailed the theme of apocalypse here.
Good job!
Though a few badly repeating textures and hovering fire in the last screenie.

It’s an edited gm_construct. :effort:

Why not make you own map instead of another construct remake?

he propobly used Gm_consruct as a base but i love it never the less

Even if its a flatgrass remake, it looks pretty cool, definitly worth a download.

It’s what construct would look like if it was in HL2: Episode One :fuckyou:

You improved gm_contruct, now looks better. This is a good map for classic doom sweps lol

Should’ve added the citadel from Ep1.

But unlike other remakes, instead of just building on it, he destroyed it.

Why do other people make construct remakes? We want variety.

If you want variety, then stop using gm_construct as a base and actually make your own brushwork for a change. I can see that you have some talent, but this just points to laziness.

We want a variety of construct. This isn’t a remake, or a change. This is the original construct destroyed.

I like it, even though it’s a construct remake it’s quite a darn good one to be honest.

He can make a map using gm_construct as a base if he wants, after all it is HIS map, not yours.

Also, awesome looking map. Got my download :smiley:

Very true. In that case, good looking map, please continue to make rip offs of other people’s maps.

This isn’t really a ripoff of anybodies map, it is like an alternate version of gm_construct. And it isn’t a poor job of one either, so I don’t know why you’re bashing what he’s doing.

Adding a few patches of weeds or dead trees would make this map look even better.

This thread isn’t for map bashers.
It’s an edit. It’s construct destroyed. What do you fucking want?

Holy shit, that’s a fucking awesome looking version of construct.

Seemed awesome from the pictures, however the textures were quite bad for the map. And overall it wasn’t all too detailed, like the random holes in ceilings were badly created. Also the ashes are far too dense, and when inside of a building they still keep falling.