My new map.

I made this in like, 2 weeks. I hope it’s not too dark :S


:siren::siren: :siren: :siren: :siren: :siren: :siren: :siren: :siren:

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Holy shit that mountain looks fucking awesome!

That mountain looks like a giant penis.

Very detailed mountain, and loled, you have a dirty mind.

Two weeks sounds like a bit much for water and a giant displacement. The light seems to have no pitch at all, causing the light to come from the side and doesn’t cast direct light on flat horizontal surfaces, it should at least have a little pitch. It also lacks a skybox.
Though the mountain does look rather nice.

And if building cubemaps screws up the lightmaps you need to re-compile.

This is the 46th version of the map.

I like how you didn’t just use crappy displacements for the mountain, props for that.

Thank you, I take pride in my displacements. There are 1,024 of them.

Cool, reminds me of this somehow…

That’s a damn good mountain!

Wow. The mountain, and the lighting, are really nice. :open_mouth:

Those circles in the mountain look like they’re from some terrain generation program.

How about a 3D skybox?

The only thing I don’t like about the mountain is that you’ve got some texture stretching going on, most evident in the second to last picture.

I still like it, but hey, CC.

Now what would look even better is a full custom texture the resolution of the map. Or at least much larger, more diverse tiles. Great job on the displacements though.

Speaking of which, developing my own “lush grass”. Looks good, though, I need to fix the detail sprites.

its good but all you did was use a couple of tools to unflatten land in hammer, still it’s ok

Really fucking awesome dude.The best looking mountain i’ve seen here on facepunch EVER, no kidding.
Especially from a distance it looks awesome. Nice water aswell.
You should create some more mountains and put them next to each other hehe. Nice job.

i realy like it.
but it Realy need a 3D skybox to make it look more realistic and peutifull

I call troll.