Hi Guys.

did you remember the old map?

now, the new one:




[li]HDR[/li][li]6 Areas (Flatgrass, Construct, Water, Stadium, Race & Space)[/li][li]Militia Sky HDR[/li][li]Harder and Awesome Easter Egg[/li][li]And many, many more…[/li][/ul]

What I Need to Play ?

[li]Nothing !, all custom textures, models, skybox, is included on the map. [/li][/ul]

Know Bugs:

[li]When the Easter Egg Button Appears, the Lock Output don’t work, and you can activate the easter egg more than one time[/li][li]Wood on Stadium’s Balls Spawn is buged (cuted and transparent)[/li][/ul]

**Improvements to Final Version: **

Your Suggestion may be here

[li]Fix the Know Bugs[/li][li]Add Seats in the Stadium Area[/li][li]Deeper Water in Water Area - [/li]


[li][del]Make Nodes and AirNodes in all Areas[/del]* - I’ll not do it, this bug my map when I tried do it*[/li][li]Make Easter Egg to Enable the button for Toogle Gravity of the Space Area[/li][li]Add More Rooms at the Top of Main Build on Construct Area[/li][li]Add Subterrain Area in Construct Area[/li][li]Add Oval and Build Islands in Water area - [/li]


[li][del]Make a 3d Skybox[/del]* - This is Impossible with 6 separated areas with differents widths and heights*[/li][li]Make Curves Instead of Corners - [/li]



Some ScreenShots:

[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]
[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]


Mirror #2 [FPS Banana]

Hope you like it !

This is the BETA version. Give me your Opinion or Suggestion to make in the Final version of this map

Leave your comment !

PS.: Sorry about my english, I know this is bad but this is not my first language…

HUUUUGGGEE improvement, looks a hella lot better!

Thanks Pepper ! I’ve Work Hard on this project, and I’ll work hard because this version is beta ! the final will sounds veeery better :wink:

but thanks ! and have fun, if you download :wink:


Nicolas Mello

I played it and it was done quite nicely
-add seats in the stadiums
-deeper water in the water part

Thanks Pepper !

I Added a “Improvements” List in the first post to make in the final version !

Your suggestions may in the list guys ! leave your Comment Please !


Type [ media ] [youtube link] [ /media ] but with no spaces
I just learned that a few days ago :v:
Nice map btw :smiley:


Is this noded?

Does this map require CS:S, or is the skybox packed into the map?

This is made of win

Oh thx, I’m Looking at this…

Oh. No I Forgot this ! Thx to remember ! -

No, You Don’t need nothing to play this map, all custom textures incluinding the textures of other games is in pack !

Thx To Coment Guys !

The Final Release is Coming !

Only thing I don’t like is the soccer field.

Soccer is such a boring sport to watch.

Other than that the map is great.

wow… looks awesome!! hell yes i’m downloading!!

Fuuuuuuuuck, that’s some good map you got right there. It’s one of them simplistic maps that people will find fun, and I agree with myself there, it looks fun and the video was great.

Why no ? soccer is the most popular game on earth… but this is your opinion… so, thx.

omfg. Thanks \o/

Oh. Thanks man. yes the map is simple just to build and fun for the players who finding simplistic maps only for fun, or for build something, in this map, you can build water vehicles, land vehicles, air planes (the height of Flatgrass area is huge) you can build space ships (in space area), you can play soccer in the stadium, and many more ! that’s the idea which I had to make this map.

Thanks for the compliments guys !!!


PS.: Sorry about my english, I know this is bad but this is not my first language…

The space area is pretty neat, but it would be nice if there was no/toggleable gravity in it.

Hmm. Thanks. I’ll Remove the Button, or make a easter egg to enable it…

thanks for the suggestion abaster :smiley:

Merry Xmas !

This looks nice, gonna try it out sometime!

what you talking about? your english is just fine, and really cool map as well. =)

ETA for next version?

Only thing that sucks is that i cant find any servers with this map. D:

i want to find the easter egg =_C plz tell were it is X_C

tell weres the button on a part a code WHAT IS IT >XC