GM_Playgc - Simple

**CHECK v2 !!!!** [thread=834583] CLICK THERE ![/thread]

Updated !:
Less amount of lights
Soundscape of huge city
Skybox with props

GM_Playgc is my second map. This is simple map and it is made for people who like simple and fast loading maps. I am not sure if i am going to make other versions of this or if i am going to add some features… maybe i’ll.

Heres some pics:

Theres couple of custom textures packed with pakrat inside, so dont be like “wtf, no materials inside ?”

–PS: I am really sorry for the way i am speaking. Thanks to people who understand it.

hmmm looks pretty good. I will try it out.

Thank you ! :smiley:

Looks cool, too many lamps maybe.

Pretty small, but I suppose it’s ok for a quick-loading map.

I agree ! I am going to update it right away


At first, I thought “Geez, why would something as simple as this have a thread?”, but I fell in love with the floor’s texture. Nice job.

You speak fine.

(I forgot to put “for” between “sorry” and “the way” ^^)
Oh ! Thats real motivation ! Really thank you for these words !

Also im working on skybox now :slight_smile:

simple but beautiful , you got my DL but idk if i am gonna use it, maybe a taller ceiling and some buttons that do strange and secret stuff would make me use it

Sooonnn i am going to use this map as one of rooms in my new map :slight_smile: Thanks for DL :slight_smile:

The sky looks nicely.

ahah I was trying to do that same concept for a map but it turned into well how would I put this, CRAP. This is a good map, but when your in it for sometime it starts to get boring, try something to entertain like bigger, more rooms, etc…

Amazing. Empty. Simple. Dark. But result is perfect.
Just the way to show to those who make bad maps - how balance of lighting can make simple room into amazement.

Apart from the blue building it’s really nice.

Very good. This map has a ton of potential. My idea is to add an outside area like a parking lot. You could make this place into a gymnasium with spectator stands on the sides. Make it a little brighter and add some more rooms. Also, a day version would be nice.

Sorry, im not going to continue that map, at least i am going to use it in my other map :), thanks for advice :smiley:

Looks nice.

i tryed this last night and i ended up playing this for 3 hours :S it’s good but i think you need more room

I am so glad to hear (see) words like that ! :slight_smile:

See v2 :slight_smile:

Wow, despite being rather simple, I like it. It has an interesting atmosphere, nice job!