This map requires… what I think would be Portal and Half-Life 2. This is a part of a private series of maps I’ve been working on. I call it Eye Candy. This is my favorite one so far. This map isn’t really meant for anything too big. This can be used mainly for Wiremod practices or posing. Your choice. I hope you enjoy this map. This had quite some effort put into it, if you’ve seen some of my earlier maps. :ohdear:


The inside looks neat, but it’s far too bare. Also, lower the lightmap scale. On the outside, it just looks bad. Vary the textures or something, or add some architecture. Otherwise, good map.

Thanks, but my computer is 5 years old on a 1.8Ghz processor. It crashes below 8 scale. I’ll be glad to give you the .VMF so you can compile it with a lightmap scale of 1.


Also the player(s) aren’t intended to go outside of the building. That was just showing the skylights.

So make the outside nodraw.

I’m guessing this map isn’t optimised in anyway.

No, why would I need to optimize it? It’s small enough to where most any computer that can play Garry’s Mod can play this.

You need to optimize every goddamn map that you map. It’s a requirement.

And don’t try arguing, as you clearly know fuck-all about mapping.

Wow. You’re very rude :colbert:


And like I said, if you want to fucking fix this map to your desires, I’ll be fuckin’ glad to give you the .VMF file.

It is your responsibility to make a map look good and play well…no one else’s. You are using a mapping tool, and you should have the desire to learn how to use it well. If your pc is not up to the job then either replace it, or don’t map on it.

The least you could do is nodraw all the non-visible areas.

Its good practice to create blocks with the nodraw texture on all sides, then only texture the sides you can see after you’re finished manipulating it. That makes the nodraw optimisations waay easier and less tedious

Well, I’ll do that in my next map. Also, I will compile it with a lightmap scale of 1 when I get around to it, preferably tomorrow. But now, I’m busy with a different project.