Hey guys, I’m starting a map that is based off of Portal, with mostly all portal textures, as well as the main Idea being a large warehouse/storage area owned by Aperture science.

Pool: 60% complete
Building area: 60% complete
Spawn building: 95% complete
Roof/Skybox/walls: 40% complete
Second building: 0% complete
Housing/Observation rooms: 0% complete

Spawn Building and Stairs to pool:

This is a rough outline of what I hope the map will turn out to be:

How many construct maps will there be before people realise that gm_construct was fine and that there’s no reason to change it?

this isnt a remake of construct you dolt

It only has the half word ‘struct’ in the name… It’s only a building map, because I have grown tired of playing gm_construct, flatgrass and hugeflatconstruct.

Also, I really like Portal and Aperture Science’s building techniques.

So, what exactly will be built in it? Building auto turrents and trying to re-act portal HL2 style only is fun for some time? What dimensions are you using?