Gm_Project_Space [2009].

Hello all.

I’m here to talk about a new SB Map, which has been being slowly optimised and built since May/June time.

Basically, the map is going to house some “First times” in the SB map industry.

I’m going to insert orbiting asteroids, (I know it’s been done before in Gm_Spacebuild_V3, Arguably one of my favourite SB maps of all time, thanks Shanjaq!).

This bar will show how far the map is in production, it will be changed or updated over time.

  • 40**%**

The map will have an RP style spawn planet, and 7 other planets. Some with alien structures, and unknown structures which have just “Appeared” there over time.

The map will be TOTALLY made for SB3, it will most likely have backwards compatibility for Spacebuild V2.0 and Spacebuild 1.


Despite the progress bar, the map is still in very heavy beta.

There will be a huge asteroid belt which will separate one part of the Solar System in question to another, I will TRY to make most of them have orbits, although it could lag.

There is HUGE flight time between some planets, and placing many asteroids in the way will make it even harder.

Please - Give me a minute on the pictures.

I really would like a good spacebuild RP map. This one might work. Please make the spawn planet nice and big (forlorn?).

It is approximately 6144x3.

WOW! Looks awesome! Although, just wondering, what happened to your last map…?

It was all un-optimised, to be honest.

In this map, every other face is No-drawed.

And the other map generally didn’t work out because most of the brushes kept disappearing.

You should look into a higher-res skybox. It seems kind of blurry right now.

I wish I could get someone to make it higher res, I’ve already gotta map this thing.

I love the hotel. The body of water looks out of place though.

Damnit, banned again. How many alts have you been through? And any new updates?



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