-im gay-

Pretty cool new map.

You shouldn’t/don’t need to put your name in your maps name.

I only put the letter ‘Q’ in it. I do that with a lot of my projects. :stuck_out_tongue:

…and the big “BY QUARK” in the map which is made entirely out of brushes.

I put that there so people know who made it…it’s like writing ‘BY [NAME]’ on your assignments…:downs:

You should have used a texture with your name instead. Firegod has a good tutorial for texture creation here.

The map is no different from the tripe i used to release…only this one has lighting.

You are given an extremely powerful tool, why not use it to create something wonderful?

This definitely needs some work.

How often do you see big “BY [NAMEHERE]” in maps? Not very often. And if a map creator has put one in, it’s normally in a hard-to-reach room. And it’s not made out of brushes.

Most maps that have a big “BY [NAMEHERE]” are usually shit, like yours.

Does that say “By [NAMEHERE]”

No it says test, because it’s made by a retarded robot with a fetish for testing.

Calm down, no need to leak aspergers ConTron

If you release a map here we will be honest about the map. We will only be nice if it’s honest. Suck it up and take the criticism. You need to do a lot of work before you are as good as a lot of the people here.

It’s your first map, fine, but that doesn’t mean you have to release it. Wait till you have something well built and original, and even then, drop images in the pimpage thread. Get feedback before you release. Even drop it to a friend or read my testing thread on the main page. I will do map testing to industry standards and offer suggestions and fixes for various things.

So, to sum up, this map is a concrete block, surrounded by a concrete wall, with a small volume of water and a large drop.


So, if it’s an opinion different to yours, it’s retarded? Grow up.

No it’s retarded if you don’t like his map, duh. :downs:

By that logic, i should have every mental alement under the sun…or be a quality assurance tester. Oh wait, i am.