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This is a thread to talk about the oft-mentioned module gm_queryphys.

What gm_queryphys allows you to do is to merge the collision meshes of multiple objects into one object - a sort of mix between welding and parenting that takes the benefits of both and the downsides of neither. It would cut down on a lot of network traffic, as well as open up possible contraptions that you could create.

Another useful feature of gm_queryphys was the addition of a clipping tool that would be able to cut props in half. You could shave parts of models off that didn’t fit well into your whole contraption. Once again, it opens up a huge set of possibilities.

Lastly, and possibly one of the most important things, is resizing collision meshes on the fly. Being able to freely resize props and their collision meshes would allow for a lot of improvements. You could cut down the entire PHX suite of plates, cubes, and rods into a single primitive object that could be resized to fit your needs.

If we had the tools, we could construct any primitive objects we like using clipping, resizing, and polywelds off of even a simple object such as a cube. The possibilities would be endless, and it would cut down on network traffic a great deal.

I believe that it would make an excellent addition to garrysmod if it was fully supported as a default add-on, but there’s problems with client side prediction that could only be fixed by garry himself. I hope he takes another look at it, as it’s incredibly promising for not only the base sandbox gamemode, but other gamemodes as well.

This does appear to have a lot of potential. Definitely hope Garry takes a look at queryphys!

Fully featured queryphys and a tool suite to go with it would definitely completely change building in GMod, but I believe garry already stated this wasn’t his module to make, since it isn’t completely finished. He did say he would be interested if it were to be finished, but that seems to be impossible.

It’s impossible to complete without garry’s help, but garry won’t help until it’s complete.

Catch-22, best catch there is.

I always thought queryphysics had immense promise, I wish it would get to a working, stable state

You should have waited with posting this until Garry is back.

We could always bump it when he does get back.

I love you for saying “should have” instead of “should of” which some people say.


Any words on this ? As an addon developer, Querryphys could open a insane amount of possibilities. As some of you may know i’m the guy who makes ACF, and the main design focus of ACF is the ability to customize the addon entities. QuerryPhys would enable me to put much more power in the hands of the users, by being able to make truly custom entities by assembling and resizing parts.

I think the OP of the linked thead created extso themodular admin mod thing but im probably wrong. Have you tried pming?

I could never get a solid answer out of garry if the beta included Queryphys.

Queryphys would make everything in gmod 10x more awesome.

It doesn’t.

anything that includes building physical objects out of meshes would make the game 100% greater.

And it doesn’t lag so it seems perfect. It actually cuts models and stuff. Will be awesome for builders and coders too.