And a version without HDR for servers:

YouTube video:

It is done…at last.

I really wanted to take gm_qwerty a step further than my other maps, and I think I have done just that. This map is going to be my best garry’s mod map for a long time. Even gm_construct_remix_deluxe, my old best map, falls far short of this one. To summarize, I suppose I’ve outdone myself!

So, without further pointless babbling, here is a list of features:

  1. A spawn room that doubles as anti-RSO and teleporters to different areas of the map.
  2. The original gm_qwerty_lite
  3. A medium sized generic area
  4. A long generic area that owns the one above this in both detail and epicness
  5. A big “central” area with a huge tower with 4 smaller towers coming out of the top
  6. Another generic area with a load of random corridors. Lol.

Universal features include:

  1. Cubemaps
  2. Lighting, all artificial lights have sources and glows
  3. HDR
  4. AI nodes
  5. Decals

Also, there are a few bugs, all of which I plan to fix in time.

  1. Minor texturing screw-ups
  2. no way to get to the middle of the tall tower
  3. No lighting in the shortest of the 4 towers on the tower.

I tried several times to make a video of this map for youtube, but every time the video got corrupted. Bawwwwwww

Feel free to use the no-HDR version for your own server, if you own one. In fact, I would very much appreciate it if you did, since I always like to see that my maps are truly being used.

Pics for clicks:

And a version without HDR for servers:

Quite good, it’s slightly blocky in places and lights “smear” on the walls, but rest of the map is great.

Looks good enough to give it a try. Even though it looks like a wanna-be excess construct.

Nice tubeamid (tube pyramid).

I like it! You did well! There are a couple bugs, which both you and the others have pointed out, but you did a good job.

Hey, this isn’t half bad!

Whoa, i thought this was going to be another full bright map, its amazing

I came expecting a shit map… I was proven wrong.

Downloading NOW! Damn that looks sweet! ^5


This map is really cool, although the doorway straight ahead from the spawn area confuses me, unless I’m not seeing something that should be in there. And the other spawn doors arent marked very well, but outside of those 2 confusions, this map RAWKS! It’s on MY server!