Gm_Raccoon city [W.I.P.]

Hello friend i am here with my new project named “Raccoon city” i am working on Uptown and Downtown (later maybe church of St. Michael and Raccoon General Hospital).
This map is based on Capcom game Resident Evil (Biohazard) 2 and 3 “Last Escape”

If somebody want to help me with my project…please contact me…i got (eta) 15% of Map…its not extra…but its my first map and i am not the expert in hammer editor.



Dario’s warehouse with office

Alley to Dario’s warehouse

Bike near wall in alley to warehouse

Alley to Fission street

Jill Valentine’s apartment

  1. Don’t make screenshots of your map in hammer editor, compile it then show it.

  2. Door frames, use them.

  3. Also you seem to be mixing door styles like very old door and very new at same time (in last screenshot), not sure but that looks weird.

  4. Add some debris in alleys etc… (bike is a good start)

  5. Try using spotlights instead of lights, it will make lighting more nice looking.

Also this

its obvious you are new to hammer but you are putting in effort
I am sure in time this will be a good map

You maybe dont know that game…so please dont tell me what i have to do…this is my first map and its my choise what i have to done or not…this is WIP and some things is not repaired…first i done the map and after that i do the other things… (debris, object, etc…)

and remember, this is just a Gm map…its only streets and i try to do that like in the game…all peoples must create own background like dumpster, debris, junk…or something that i want to create that map before the infection…without all that things…and if players what play this want to create infected city…they must to do alone.

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So i just working on other street…when i’l be done with full map…i repair dat little mistakes, dont worry…

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Thanks…i will try, i worked hard on that…and this is just a little bit of that map (i got much more).

I am not telling you what to do, I am just suggesting what you can improve, there is a difference.

In map you can find some place with interior…i made some places like in game where Jill (or Leon/Claire in case fo RE2) was…and what you can visit…its big + to this map.

i have (eta) 15% of map, if i create this map good…my next project (MAYBE) will be Raccoon general hospital and Clock tower of Saint Michael, or some part of streets from Resident Evil Outbreak.

Thanks for support and thanks for your advice and ideas, i’m agreed with dat, because this is my first project (i never got a experience with Hammer tool) i think its will be hard but not impossible :smile:

Bit cocky Krajdalf. Take it down a notch…

I understand this is your first map, but when you come to the final render, research into HDR Rendering for SDK so SFM users could use the maps as well.

I will consider this decision

You should have a look at this map to get an idea of debris if you’d like. It requires Episode 2.