I couldn’t find any maps with a banked racetrack loop, so I made one. The bends on this track should be smooth enough for most vehicles to turn on without spinning out, as long as you don’t turn too hard.

I was planning on compiling it with HDR, but since I use 1024x1024 cubemaps for HR envmaps on models, the file size would have been ridiculous (104 MB). Total time working on this map was a few hours spanned over the course of a few days, as I was playing on it more than working on it lol.

Here’s a video of going around the map a couple of times:


make a proper circuit with textures like those.

Well, I have gm_freeway; Which is longer:

that’s nice, but not really circuit worthy. typically a good circuit contains varying corners and elevation to strain all aspects of a car’s performance. and in gmod, a circuit typically needs to be very short as gmod cars aren’t as fast as real life.