So finally, here we are. There’s a version four of ragdoll_slaughter coming up.
It will be a lot better than v3. I’m focusing on optimizing it to make it less laggy since there have been many complaints regarding that. I will also remove some things and replace them with new ones.

Here’s a list of the new stuff.

  • I’ve added a whole new area featuring a racing course with 3 drivable killing machines:
    the plowbuggy, the mangler buggy and the bladebuggy!

  • I removed the tall tower so that i could lower the skybox to decrease lagg. It wasn’t that much fun anyway…
    I will make a new machine in it’s place. Not sure what yet, ideas?

  • A sawmill thingy.

  • I’ve removed the catapult since it wasn’t working very well. There will be a another machine to set your ragdolls flying instead.


Looks nice, Can’t wait to play it.

nice man another greate map have a artistic

I always have an awesome time in this maps, hope to see more pictures of whats to come soon :slight_smile:

I would love to play this map :wink:

What about an explosion chamber?

Awesome! cant wait!!11 :holy:

Can’t wait to torture ragdolls and blow their heads off.

with dumb dismemberment mod instead of gibsplat!

It’s blocky and the textures aren’t bad exactly, just dull.

I can’t help but feel people are overlooking the mapping basics simply because the previous versions were popular.

Constructive critique please?

If you think it’s bad then tell me what I should change!

It is blocky, but I suppose it serves its purpose.

Pure Awesomesauce!

~ZOMG has a problem with everything. I love these maps. Can’t wait to play!

This is the place for C&C. I tell people how they can improve their maps.

What is wrong with that?

optimize it. it laggs me on V3.


Just kidding. Go right ahead.

This map isn’t blocky. You people just confuse yourself between curvy and blocky. This map is neither.

It looks good in my opinion.
Your displacements however are really horrid. Making them smoother won’t make it lagg or anything so just go ahead and smooth them out.

As for the torture machines i’d like some more that throw or launch the ragdolls. I don’t see why you removed the catapult, that was my favorite part.

A big round pit in the ground would also be cool. Make it empty, And add buttons for stuff like spikes at the bottom and wooden bar’s along the walls.
That big hammer thing you’ve got too, Make one just like that one but put a big shiny blade onto it.
Like this:
You could also make a box (That fits a ragdoll) and put holes in it. So that you could stick in shit like harpoons and other stuff trough it.
Those car’s you’ve got going, Could be cool to have two blades forming a V on the front. I think it’s boring to crush ragdolls, i prefer to slice them.
Some new launching stuff would be cool. Make a really simply cannon that just uses a trigger_push to fire whatever you put into it. Have a small one for launching props at ragdolls, And a bigger one for launching ragdolls themselves. Maybe it’d be cool to have some water in the map too. Why not decapitate ragdolls under water? I can’t think of much now (It’s 3am) but just have a simple medium sized pool with clear water in it. Make it deep and put lethal stuff into it. Saw-lades, Spikes, Torpedoes, Lasers, drills, whatever. Just make sure that you can toggle them. Hell, When we’re already talking water, Why not add airboats with stuff on them? Just like you did with the jeeps. I can see the fun driving around in an airboat with a massive sawblade on it.

TLDR; More launching and slicing stuff. Pits, water and airboats.
I’m sure i can think of more ideas if you want me too.

Every time you comment on a map it always the same thing with you blocky. For a map like that this is just silly

I love it.

The map looks nice and all that, but I do not really see whats so fun with “killing” and dismembering ragdoll’s. Do not listen to me tho, keep up the good work.