I’ve started a hammer map, in which the very act of just standing still can kill you.
It’s supposed to end up as an obstical course that consists of 7 levels of increasing difficulty. (You know, like hell?) I’ve got the first 2 layers done. Teleporters and elevators and such. But I can’t come up with anything else.

In short, how would you like to die in garry’s mod?

Random unexplained deaths can lead to frustration and rage quitting.

Sky falling down on my head.

Some of the worste ways to die… Melons? Yiff? Mingebags? Lost connection? Oh yeah a map… The there are some pretty creative ways of death in that cube map based off the movie, such as wire nets, manhack rooms, lazers, spikes, ect.

That’s true, but it’s a little different if the player goes in knowing it’s a map designed for that purpose. Halfquake Amen was pretty popular and ‘random, unexplained death’ describes that pretty well. :V

…man, I wish Halfquake Sunrise would come out.

Electrified water that is slightly lower than the hight of a wooden crate. Have two crates inside the room. Fun!

Yeah. Typical.

Sounds fun though.
Where did you get that avatar? (@Cormezz)

And how would yiffing be a terrible way to die? o.O

His or mine? if mine. Stop asking me in every thread! It’s from a furry website, if you have the balls I’ll send a link to the author!

I am a furry… and I only asked twice.

Look for the “Pelvic thrust” topic in the “Photoshop Contests” forum.

Ok, thanks. =D


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Keep it on topic!
I do like the idea about the water and crates, thats what this needs! More ideas like that!