I’ve take 1 screenshot

This was my second maps and I’m beginner to create maps

In this map has

  • Large skybox
  • 2 Houses (1 Toilet / 1 Living room)
  • 2 Construct areas
  • Water construct area

You can play Roleplay with your friend in 2 house ; )


If you found bug reply in this thread, thanks ! :slight_smile:

sorry for my bad English (if it bad ) : (

Bug 1- No Light. Add a light environment
Bug 2- Cheap or dx7 water used. Change to something else.

Further Input:

Come up with a solid idea. We have enough construct maps at the moment. Come up with something different then try to make it. If you want input, ask in the mapping section for a tester or ideas bouncer. Don’t release the map until it you can compile on normal and hdr, with environmental lighting.

All in all, you need to go back to the drawing board. And try not to make combination maps. Either go build OR go rp, not a bito f one or the other.

Oh my god! I just adore those repeating textures, full bright atmosphere and blockiness.

But seriously. Don’t make maps like this.

Laziness == Bug

Also you can tell that the skybox is a big hollow cube around the map, meaning you could just fall off it. :stuck_out_tongue:

If something is not there, i call it a bug. For example, if, in an apparently release capable state, you walk into a room to find the devs haven’t added a floor. You fall out and die. This can be reproduced 100%. That would be an issue.

Did you Filter Distort the picture?

Thank you , I will try to do that and not try to make maps like this agian. : )


Oh crap, he didn’t take the sarcasm properly… :tinfoil:

I call troll.

I actually puked a little.

Uh , I mean … I will do on this

I will not try to make map like this : (

I don’t fucking get why people demand on publishing their first maps that look like shit and wasting space, cause no one is gonna download it.

a) Don’t publish your first map. Or even your second. Or your third. Wait until you’re actually good.
b) Too blocky. More detail.
c) Never use fullbright.
d) Don’t use the default skybox.
e) Valve developer wiki.

If you’re gonna get all snappy about it, at least link to the goddamn resources you’re referring to.

I can’t honestly tell if we are being trolled or if this is for real.

If it’s for real
-Use lighting in your map, add a light_enviroment ent.
-Use more detail, or rather find a target need this map has to fufill
-To change your skybox texture, click map, properties, and put the name of the sky texture in the field that says skybox.

Here are some websites to get you deeper into level design

If you really get into mapping then should be in your favorites list, they have easy-hard tutorials and a map-bug-checker.

Mapping is very time consuming, but I hope you get better and enjoy the rewards.

Brb makin a gmod article