[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Gm_RandomBuild_V1

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.00

[tab]Description:[/tab] A Map for Garry’s Mod.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Episode 2, Garry’s Mod, Brain.

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

     - Sand Box - A sand box... with sand..
     - Pool - Water?
     - Underground - Under the.. ground?
     - Underground Garage - With 2 jeeps in it.
     - Underground Race Track - A very SMALL race track.
     - Construct Area - Where you can build your contraptions.
     - Race Track - A Race Track near the Building Area. 
     - 9 Garages in the Race Track - Garages, where you can build your own cars.
     - Map icon.[/release]

  • Dj Night - Mapper.
  • Dutchfreak - Ideas Supplier, Beta Tester and for keeping my motivation up.
  • Fatality R. | X-Files - Beta Tester.
  • Terrenteller - Helped me out fixing a fullbright bug, thanks.
  • Stene - Some Textures I used from his Texture Pack.


Sand Box and Pool.

Construct Area.

Race Track entry.

Garages on Race Track.

Race Track.

Lift to Underground.

Lift seen from underground.


Underground Track.



     [release]**Known Bugs/Missing stuff:**
  • FIXEDThere is no button inside the garages for their doors, people can lock you in if noclip is off.
  • FIXEDThe car stands on the garages have approximately 1 inch between them and the ground.
  • None that I know of, report any if you find.

[release]Version 1a Released


  • Light Glows in Underground Race Track Spotlights and in lift tunnel lights.
  • New Sky Texture (hopefully better).
  • New lightning (hopefully better).
  • Road protection on underground track.
  • New Water Texture, much better, now actually reflects.
  • There now is a button inside every garage for their doors, people can’t lock you in if noclip is off now.
  • The car stands on the garages are now in the ground.


Near Spawn, you can see the water reflecting the walls.

Tunnel Glow Lights.

Underground Track with Spotlights glow and road protection.

Race Track with new Lightning.

NOTE: The map has NOT got HDR, it’s just the Gmod Bloom effect in these pictures.


Report any bugs or suggestions for improvements! Comments greatly appreciated!

i must say this is one of your better maps you’ve made so far

Thanks. :smiley:

Looks like a build map from the Gmod9 era, before people started thinking that every map should be gigantic and have HDR etc. etc.

so in other words, it looks nice

Quite blocky and bland, but the lighting is pretty good.

I liked the underground garage … but in the youtube video you can see all better


It’s a little bit bland, but for overall usage, it’s pretty useful :slight_smile:

Not bad… but its kinda “block”.



Not bad… but its kinda “block”.


It’s very block :eng101:
I think he means blocky, and i have to agree. But it looks nice and something maybe from Gmod 9 (so i give you points for making me nostalgia )

“Gmod 9 era”? That’s what you guys call it? Well then all my maps are from Gmod 9 era. I always make maps like this.

Reminds me more of Gmod 8 rather than 9

It is rather “Gmod 9” as all of the turns are just 90-Degree Angles.

Speaking of, I’ve been looking for the map gm_toastyland6 but I haven’t been able to find it. I hosted it on my server ~2-3 years ago and then I lost it. It was by far one of my favorite maps in existence.

Ugh, another build map.

Would be nice if you added a train track or something. And maybe some non-ep2 models. I haven’t played yet (no ep2) but it looks nice. It’s a bit blocky though (IDC though :p)