A small map my brother made with an epic club. What more can I say?

A few notes:
IMPORTANT- the buttons lock and unlock in a set time depending on the song. Pausing the game while playing a song can severely screw up the timing.
-The lights are not perfectly timed to any of the songs.
-strobe lights and alternating lights have no actual lighting effects(meaning strobe lights dont produce light and the color of the lights dont change)
-YES, i know the lights are square -.-

Now for pics:

VIP mofo’s XD

not even Francis can hate these stairs


These kind of maps are always fun

Overall layout looks awesome, the only problem I see is that the lack of variety in color. I mean, yeah, you’ve got the lights, but make it a little more rave-ish by having lots of bright, screaming colors everywhere, you know what I mean?

mhmm, i’ll keep that in mind if me or my bro makes another club

Awesome…I’ve been dying for a rave club


U’mm…wheres the sound file? Theres no sound file at all…making it impossible to hear the music…

Oh shit. I’m so so sorry i’ll re upload the zip with the sounds in it


Okay, the zip now has the music folder. Once again I am very sorry to anyone who dled this.

I’ll be sure to check out the map

A friendly, and proffessional map maker.

Awesome, just awesome.

Thanks for disagreeing, you obviously read his posts.

why thank you :smiley:

Looks really good!

Amazing. You got my download.

I now must TF2 pose must pose!

I love the map but can you make a feature to turn the lights (not the rave or party lights, just the normal lights) so it’s dark with the rave lights on?

maybe, but i remember my bro saying he couldnt turn lights on and off, i dont have the compile log, but he said the error was something to the egffect of “too many lighst on face” which if it means what i think it means is not suprising since the club is so curvy

Too light.

Holy jesus thats awesome:biggrin:

Very bad texturing, but otherwise it’s pretty awesome.

Rave clubs are darker than that.

Its a good map, wish you can customize the soundtrack a bit(I tried, but my song didn’t play when I replaced an existing song)

there are so many maps like this that are plain brick rooms, but this actually makes it work! I love the architecture, though the room itself needs to be very dark, with epileptic strobe lights in different colors. Like the oify map!