The beta version of Version 2 of my bro’s rave club. New features:

Whoops, forgot the download: :bang:

-4 more songs
-More lights
-More light controls
-More light colors

*takes deep breath

-More VIP rooms/lounges
-Additional floor (3 floors)

This one has a much more jagged style than the uber curviness of the 1st one.

Here there be pics:

looks awesome!

That disco floor is very hot.

Last one had pink all over the place. but this looks nice.

how do i change the lights and turn on fog and stuff

I love maps like this.

theres a control room in the club, on the second floor, i’ve already heard from 1 person that its hard to find, so we’ll try to fix that

Rave Club roleplay FTW

Hey mate, I loved the first rave club but I have a question…
In the first, the songs you could play and the lights displayed on the DJ console, so I was wondering if this happens on this version too, and if it does if there is a way to remove it :stuck_out_tongue:

Take out the tables and chairs and replace them with nice comfy couches.
To be honest, it looks too big to be a rave club and lacks the sort of underground vibe that some have.

keep in mind guys that this is a beta, so post anything that could be better or any issues that need to be fixed. just make sure its not something that is completely crazy

i like the lighting

Gotta try it now

Its just great how people put in hard work, create maps, give them out to the community (which they are under no obligation to do whatsoever)… and then ungrateful, childish people go and rate them ‘dumb’ for doing so. If you don’t like peoples maps, don’t download them.

yeah because those 16x16 icons dominate your life

Thanks for the feedback, Hoff.

Can’t wait to try it. :smiley:

Looks pretty cool, nice job.

Someone needs to make a date rape script

wow, i thought this thread had died off for good :v:
anyway, a little update: my bro hasn’t been working on this any recently,hes been doing other mapping projects