GM_RAWIO How to make it work with LuaPad Addon?

I just got luapad today decide to try it out and only Gmod/data shows up… It said I need this : I got that but theres no instruction on how to install it. Please tell me exactly how to install it so I can update my gamemode ingame. Please and thank you.

I use luapad and I just threw it into addons and it worked fine, are you sure you installed it correctly?

Yes my question was how to install the module and thanks ill try that right now!

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I put it the gm_rawio.dll inside the addons folder opened luapad ingame and pressed open and it didnt show anything but data.

You should NOT use rawio under any circumstances.

Its like opening up your pc for every skid admin in gmod.

This version doesn’t require rawio

This one shows addons and gamemodes for sure? Because I already had the SVN of this luapad…

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It doesn’t work so I don’t know what your talking about…
All I can see is my data folder.

I’m going to go ahead and post what others are thinking. gm_RawIO is a module that enables file manipulation way beyond the normal limitations ( the data directory ). This is used in LuaPad to edit the Lua files in your Lua Directory. Now if you think of all that, logically, a version of LuaPad that doesn’t require gm_RawIO is of course limited to the Data directory. Saying that it doesn’t work just because it lacks a feature that would otherwise require a module is plain idiocy.

On a side note , Don’t bother with gm_RawIO, It enables complete control of your computer’s file system ( anything include but not limited to win32.dll ). Anyone with even the most basic of Lua knowledge could brick your computer by running a couple functions.

First of all, you don’t answer my question you’re just talking about gm_rawio. Second, how do I make it show my addons folder inside the editor. Thirdly, don’t repost saying you dumb?

I’m going to start with thirdly, because I don’t see why i would post saying I’m dumb.
Firstly ( but in fact secondly ) I didn’t post to answer your question ( because i didn’t see one that needed immediate attention ) but instead ( and I quote ) “I’m going to […] post what others are thinking”. And lastly ( secondly ), without gm_RawIO , you can’t.

Close this thread. People are too stubborn to actually answer a simple question.

To use the gm_rawio module, copy the DLL in your garrysmod/garrysmod/lua/includes/modules folder.
Do that at your own risk.
Malicious addons or servers can seriously damage your computer or steal private information, such as browser cookies (for passwords to different websites, such as Steam Community) or even locally saved passwords.
They can also install viruses in your computer.

My recommendation: install it when you need to use it (singleplayer) and uninstall it (move it to another folder) when you wish to join a server.