gm_redox (HL2:ep2 singleplayer map)

Gm_redox is a singleplayer puzzle-action map for Half-Life 2: Episode Two. It also works in Garry’s Mod but HL2: ep2 is required for this map.

I recommend playing this is in a dark room because some areas are quite dark. Also, I do not recommend playing this with hard difficulty. (Unless you really want to)



A screenshot taken of the whole map from outside the map:


My previous singleplayer maps: (if you liked this one, you might also enjoy these)

Feedback is appreciated. I hope you all enjoy this map.

Holy shit. Brushwork is awesome.



Got my download.


You should make a multi-player co-op puzzle map.
Then all we would need is a gamemode

The positive thing about singleplayer maps is that you can just download it and play it. If it was multiplayer, you’d have to find other players who are willing to play it with you and that would be a bit inconvenient.

Dunno maybe playing it on LAN with a friend or something but Multiplayer coop games is not a bad idea…

Nice map by the way.

That looks seriously atmospheric.

Amazing work and brush touch up.

It’s very nice. The brushwork is good, and I absolutely love the atmosphere. Though, the shadows are blue, (the shadows that props cast) and there is a lack of an interesting soundscape. Otherwise, awesome!

oh fuck man
i love your maps
i will absolutely give this a playthrough

Your maps are always S.S.D.D.

They look all the same :confused:

Well I like it. :v:

You have my Communist Seal of Approval. CSA.

Good work, it was fun. I really think you should make your own mod someday, it will be successful. Something like HL2: Calamity or Research & Development.

Yeah at least he has tons of maps with consistent great quality for someone to be able to say that in the first place.

And he actually releases them

Weee! Another one! I am so downloading this now, but tell me, where’s the “cool” in the name?
Just doesn’t seem right without it, hehe.

I have decided to drop the “cool” from my map names.

It was kind of silly.

If you say so…
Anyways, I just finished your map and I loved it.

But a few things still don’t quite seem right.
Just like the explosion and bullet impact effects. They wouldn’t be shown for me, so I was never sure If I hit that enemy or not or where that explosion was, etc.

I have no idea what is causing that. Some particles don’t seem to work in my maps.