My entry to the “Most Realistic Skyscraper” contest. This map has:
-A pool w/ hottub
-nice lobby

Also, it may require Foliage Pack ( in case the models didnt get Pakrat-ed like i thought they did.


note: a few things have changed in the released version, but it’s only a few things like changed textures


Wow awesome !

You got my Download !

How is this not much? This is quite good. D:

Some areas look a bit blocky but its an overall nice map.

Good work.

I think i jizzed in my pants. It’s great looking map. Going to test now.

Cool, a Penthouse for Jeff!

Holy shit it’s amazing

The exterior texturing on the main part of the tower could use some work and it appears that you can see the edge of the map. For a fully playable release it would probably be best to add a 3-D skybox (if done correctly this would also make the view from the top of the tower much more appealing) but at the very least a wall around the edge of the map would probably be nice.

This is a great map, my only question is how do you get to the penthouse suite with nocliping ?

Looks great but you missed one thing alot of people do on skyscraper maps…

3D SKYBOX, everyone forgets them but it makes the map look so much better.

Holy shit its nice, agree with above poster.


Is it Noded for AI?

Thanks for all the nice comments :3:

and just so you guys know, i just decided to release this for the heck of it, if anyone wanted to play on it. I wasnt really concentrating that much on how it looked from a playable standpoint, since the competition was screenshot based

No, read above ^

needs some form of non no clip transportation to pent house. Even if just for the competition

So wait, how many of the floors are actually floors?

Does this require Counter Strike Source?

Nice work!

thx,i will start war on this map.

Very nice looking map. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’ll have time to try it out on the weekend.