This is my first thread. :slight_smile:

But not my first map upload…
Anyway , here it is:

Mapname: gm_revmoon2

Size: Average

Mode: Build,Fun,Scenic,Race

(Gamebanana link)
Link to download:
URL: http://
Further information is in there.

Gmod13: in case u have it, this map is also on my steam workshop:

But still want to say this: the map is not maximum size, not really meant for big-space war or thingys u need alot space for…


Known issues:

    Annoying , yet useless error (to me , teach me what it does…?)
    There is a simple way to kill this error , so ur game loads the map , and guess what? nothing changes!
    HowTo: Go to steam library , right click Garry’s Mod or Garry’s Mod 13 , click “properties” , click “SET LAUNCH OPTIONS…” , and fill this in:
    +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0

if u have already -CONSOLE , don’t worry , just make sure there is a space between -console and the fixing command , like this:
-CONSOLE +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0

Is this not suppose to be like this? i ensure u , i read other posts on map releases. Correct me if im doing things wrong , please :slight_smile:
thank you for your time.

Heres a tip for surviving on Upload a map, then forget about it. I rarely check comments because 99% of them will be rubbish. The ones who like the map won’t comment, only prats tend to comment.

thanks for the tip.
so i suggest its like huhn?..
hope toybox uploading works back…
its the only place you get good ideas and comments , and alot of downloaders. (thats personally)

Toybos i think is filled with even more idiots. I got called a troll on there because i didn’t reply to posts.

well , for me its the only way to get any downloads…
Toybox: 40 000 downloads (gm_revmoon , the 1St one)
steam workshop: 400 downloads (gmod 13) 500 downloads and a couple ridiculous weird idea’s, and tons of suggestions.
i wonder how much downloads i will have on a gmod map on gamebanana…?

Oh yeah , i believe someone also told me im “screams dislexic” because i can’t prunounce 50St in american language.
I think they should face the fact that there are more country’s than just america.

My point being that you should just upload it whereever you like. Generally, in the mapping section we will give honest criticism’s, work off what we suggest and you will get better at mapping. garrysmod and toybox are filled with twats, so they can geenrally be ignored.

yeah , i agree…
just think its sad people have nothing else to do than being a stupid asshole on the internet :confused:






i told you bro
i told you about the moon
it keeps happening

Anyways, the map looks pretty cool, I’ll check it out later. But shouldn’t the surface be a tiny bit darker?

You do great maps, I cant wait for the mars map.

hmmm… the point is this:
in movies: Moon is very dark/ dark blue. other movie: very bright grey sand whit very brigt white sand.
documentary online: white sand like - in craters its grey. (cooled-down lava , emitted out of surface when hit by the meteorite, also named: crust)
in real life: the moon is a small ball, but it looks quite lightening up from here.

The gm_revmoon1 surface is quite grey , maybe that one looks more real.
Kinda hard for me to know how the moon surface really looks like :S
So i keep tryng on doing my best , altough i had annoying problems whit the unwalked surface texture.

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First comment ever like that :smiley:
really makes me happy :slight_smile:

But is it ok i send a picture later? the mars blend texture is the texture i had most troubles whit , ive edited the texture about 60 times.
i cannot make any good displacement rock props , using props from hl2 whit a skin that really looks like ive seen on a mars picture on the internet. ( hopefully , that picture was from mars.)

well , mars map will probarly be a letdown.
well , here is a picture , made a small example of things.
the gm_revmoon2 is actally a 3rth moon map try of mine , mars is the first try :I

personal status: bad , except the skybox texture lol. Hopefully i can fix things whit the 3D skybox. Also going to try more of a flat landscape , whit just some boring rocks. Hope i don’t dissapoint anybody. Wonder how i will create better things on mars in season 2…

White Lines , Black lines near displacements.

This is a picture of the annoying ugly thing happening:

How to fix:
•GO to ur advanced optoins menu.
-Set antialiasing to: OFF

•Lucky/Unlucky stuff on this:
-People who play the map and see the lines , will think the map is shit and just disconnect because of the lines.
-People who want to change the antialiasing option in-game have a greater chance to crash when applyng the option. (this won’t occur much)
-The antialiasing option itself is disabled.

-Higher Frames Per Second [FPS]. (Did happen to me)
-Annoying ugly line glitch is gone.

Note: I found this out while testing my mars map. Whit great respect , but unfortunatly i will have to keep on whit anti-aliasing OFF. Sorry for this :frowning:

Or you could actually fix the map itself. Seams are fixable, you don’t need to make people disable a ridiculously useful feature just to fix your mistake.

can you fix that whitout destroying the whole map?

If you could add some kind of dust cloud effect in the map it would really add to the mars map.

thanks for the idea , i might try it out soon ,hopefully it looks nice.

anyway here is the other thread for the Mars map, please post stuff there :wink: