Very simple map.

Some build places around the map.

And 2 ramps to go to the higher build zones.

ps. forgot to say, it has a bunch of suit chargers on the midle area.

Uploaded with

Quite bland, add some trees and alpha.

Finaly a friendly and nice comment. Trees i can add, but alpha does what to the terrain?

Paint alpha is like changing the blend texture. Pretty much use a blend texture on the grass and paint the alpha to be mud underwater.

is that made on hammer editor?
for example: higher terrain is snow, midle is grass and underwater is mud?

Yes, when you go into the displacement editor you should see an option “Paint Alpha”. It works basically the same way as displacements without the whole raising/lowering thing.


Also, only certain textures have a blend texture.

And you can only use two separate textures in a blend.

yawn… zzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZ

as i expected from a the name.

bland, no blend textures, no props and nothing special.

A nice helpful post there. Looks alright OP keep working on it.

thanks for the tip.


the map is meant to be simple for the people who have slow computers. its not so hard to go to entities and add something to the map.

Well grass underwater looks same like outside.

I didnt make the texture blend, im watching tutorials about how to make it fade from grass to mud or dirt. then i make a v2 of the map with that, and with a 3d skybox if i can.

Come on pls. Put effort in your maps don’t show off 3 minute job maps

ok, ok. i tried to make the blend texture thing so it get mud underwater, but it wasn’t doing the texture blend , it was making spikes on the terrain, like painting geometry.

Least you could do is fucking spell properly…

Senseless to put it in to releases section tho’.