Hi there!

I like theme parks and rollercoasters and I wanted to catch a bit of theme park atmosphere in a map. I like physics too and I hate func_tracktrain. I love slow themed rides as well as thrill rides. So what would fit better than a water ride in Garrys Mod?!

I started this one or two months ago. This is what I got:
The queue line:

The station:

The exit:

The lifthill:

Outdated videos:

I got inspired by “Mystery River”, a ride in Movie Park Germany (see video #1).

The two major problems I’ve got are the limits of the source engine (see video #3) and the boats which are made out of brushes. I can model a bit but I have problems importing it. But even if I could get a model into the game, I could probably not use both wood and ice as material properties so that it swims as well as not getting stuck in the curves (I would need to use two models with diferent parts of the boat I guess). The main problem of the use of brushes is the lighting which doesn’t change like of a model.

Another little problem I’ve got is this texture:
No matter how big I scale it, it always stays like that.

Don’t worry about the Prisoner Pods on the boat, I deleted my 0% alpha skin for it by mistake and have to redo it.

I hope you like it. Tell me what I could improve. Remember that everything’s WIP!

Looks very awesome.
I want to play on this map :DD.

Wow, I came in here expecting a fiullbright river basically. That looks pretty damn good. I especially like the station.

This is amazing. I love that last picture of the lift hill.

Holy shit, I watched vids of this on CreativityZone or whatever. And your YTP’s are cool.

This is one amazing job you are doing, I like the same kind of rides you do. Have you released any other maps I would love to try if you did?

The lighting is great.

Just add a keyvalue to the pods to make them invisible.

Going to release a beta soon or make a new video? :D.

This is a pretty good map.
however, those rock walls?
make them displacements.
for the texture issue, thats because it uses the “seamless_scale”
you need to extract the texture and make the seamless scale a SMALLER number.
Seamless scale allows textures to blend along any edge, regardless of if one layer is not


@chills2: Yes, I would have expected that too.
@Meknes: I released one TF2 map: But I had almost no mapping experience so it’s crap and not optimised.
Other projects were just for testing purpose.
@HiddenMyst: I asume you’re talking about LUA, right? I’m not familiar with script languages.
@ddrl46: A beta would make no sense with an unfinished track. It’s far away from being finished.
@laptopman: Thanks, I just noticed that it was a blend texture. That makes sense. I’ll write my own vmt.

I wanted to add a small drop after the upper curve but the physics made problems. On horizontal water brushes, the boat stays upright even if only one nanometer touches the water. So the only way to drop the boat is another lifthill (which goes upwards until it left the water, then downwards) or such an elevator:

also, try using func_tracktrain

the whole point of the map was to be phisics based

Well goddamn, colour me impressed.

Looks awesome. I just might DL this.

You’re restarting? Sweet!

Yay! I love problems!

Especially after another project, which was almost finished, failed too yesterday!

Looking excellent!

Good to see some Rides coming out lately.

Weird problems.

I was not talking about lua. In hammer, you can simply turn off smart edit and add a new keyvalue (I think it is simply “alpha”).