Hello, everyone, gm_rockfall_beta is a map i recently made, it is pretty much a giant hill, BUT with rock spawners and little things at the top to bash the rocks around, so they move to random places on the hill.

Anyways, the rocks roll down the hill, spawning at 3-5 second intervals, and then they roll into the pit of darkness, where they crumble into little pieces that disappear after a few seconds.

You can put almost anything breakable, smushable, or otherwise weakley welded and unfrozen in the way of the rocks, and i can almost guaranty they will “just kill 'em into little tiny pieces!”(BF:Bad Company).

Speaking of tiny pieces, sadly, because of the boulders large mass (I think each boulder weighs like 10000 pounds…) because of a glitch in the source engine, if a boulder rolls onto a small object, or ragdoll, it might just stop moving and cause the ragdoll to spazz out, but not move.
So the boulder is just sitting there, blocking the way down for OTHER boulders.
So, small objects and non-smush-gore-explodable ragdolls should not be left on the hill.

Another thing you might be wondering, why the hell did i use Dev/Measure textures, and why the hell is the sky black?

Well, this is just because i couldn’t decide on what to use for the theme.

Actually, in a day, or two, i will release a pack of these maps, along with the beta2 (the map is called gm_rockfall_beta2, because the first one was really fucked up, there were actually 5 attempts before it, and a year ago, i made 15 attemps) there will be snowy versions with giant snowballs, hellish versions, with giant exploding fireballs, and of course tranquil versions, with grassy hills, and smooth, rocky cliffs…
and sheep rolling down the hill and exploding…

another thing, “smooth” displacements are present in this map… just some look unnatural, at first i used a displacement generator, but then i edited it a little in hammer, the next version will have MUCH smoother displacements(smoother hill).


Well, that’s all i have to tell…


i’ll probably delete the flashing spawn platform too.

Sounds cool, I want some pictures.

Pics or no clicks.

Images should be standard for any release.

A possible theme could be a mountain road with a “rocks falling” sign at the end?

Or an avalanch sign, i’ll think about it.

I get it, pics, or no clicks, i’ll upload pics.

BTW the map is kinda bland right now, no major theme.


There, now we have pics, and a working download, everything is nice and dandy.

I will have the variations and small fixes done by today, expect somthing.

deadly rock falls… where have i heard that before?

Real life.

I cant find a map on that has to do with falling rocks, but DEATHRUN maps have tons of falling rocks, i just wanted to emulate that, just changing it so it dosn’t have a goal, and it’s easier to use.

I got pics.

rock fall everyone dies

net_graph ate your screenshots

its translucent, i put it there to test lag in the map and forgot to turn it off while taking screenshots.

anyways, it’s a good comparison on the maps lag, i have a rather low end computer, on a dual core, this map would run smoother than melting ice cream.


Umm, i just want to know why there are dumb ratings on my thread?
I mean, you are completely entitled to that opinion, and i won’t object…

but i just want to know whats wrong, so i can improve on my ‘dumbness’.

Is it not original enough?
Should i retake the pictures?
Are the rocks not big enough?
Are the rocks too big?

i just would like to know…

Looks like one of those stupid maps you can’t stop playing.

No download until you texture properly though, add me on steam
(xeonmuffin) and we can talk over it. It has potential.

Map lacks texture.

If you guys are SERIOUSLY craving texture, i am making a snow version now, i could release it in a single download tomorrow, but i planned to release like 15 different variants in one download, but ok…

Oh, maybe because rock’s shape isn’t always a sphere :stuck_out_tongue:

well… i can’t exactly randomize the shapes of the rocks like i did the movement of them…


the next best thing is to simply add some bumps and bruises to it.

i pondered this idea originally, and thought of making the rock out of displacement

remembering the rules of displacements, i dismissed the idea and moved on.

but i feel really stupid now that i realize that i could just use spherical brushes.

Oh yeah, if anyone is offering to make a physics model with custom gibs, that would be REALLY awesome.
if anyone does, make the strength amount 10000, that’s what i used for my brush-based boulders

erm-- i…
i seriously do not have the attention span right now to do that, i cant do it smoothly…
i’ll do it in the future, i have shit to do!


also, the variants will each have different little edits, for example, the snow version has one of the snowballs changed to a yeti encased in ice.