This is my first map I’ve ever made, I think I done well.


Video -

Hope you like it? ( Reminder: First map)

It doesnt have the feeling of an RP map if the ground just ends suddenly and sky starts.
Try doing mountains or buildings to make a wall around the play-area.

I will do this in version 2, I’m just learning mapping.

one would guess you have an extreme case of ADHD judging by the constant crowbar smacking through the video

Can we go back to topic? And No, I don’t have ADHD, what to do when your just walking around just showing parts of the map.


I’m going bed now, Night night.

I like it, but it looks like more of a DM map.

The outside lighting is horrible, Brighten it up nobody likes maps with that kind of lighting.

Also, Work on displacements and architecture… Try to make the building not a box etc.

Yeah it needs houses, shops, etc. It looks like city45 mixed with like… a DM map, and lacking content. Best I can think of right now.

Never use the excuse “It was my first map”, i’m so tired of that. It doesn’t make your map better.

This is like all the other first map we see, it lacks so much quality. It looks like you made this map in 2 hours.
You didn’t even use or read important tutorials:

I lol’d at how you pasted garbage decals on the walls. :v:


Some images would be good…instead of waiting for a video to stream for those with slower connections.

shouldn’t there be more houses if its RP?

Thank’s for the feedback, I will continue reading tutorials and just keep working on maps to get better.

Notice the Construct at the end of the name.

It’s not like it’s a big map, he could easily have filled more houses/apartments in. Just increasing the map size.

Then what is the RP for?
Are you roleplaying a Construct map?

Your choice of lighting entities displeases me :v: The flat lighting you have used really doesn’t suit the sources you are lighting from. I would recommend you look into other forms of lighting (light_spot for example).

Also why does everything flash D: I think you might have just given me minor epilepsy, which I don’t even suffer from.

Never release your first map.

It is for somekind of construct-roleplay gamemode or something, you make your own house and roleplay.