GM_ROUNDS beta version

Compile time: 14 hours on core i5!
PLEASE, test this map and report bugs.
Rails, free space, houses and ROUNDS!!11!
In future: normal water, NPC nodes, optimisation.

Looks rather interesting, though the square buildings kind of spoil the aesthetic. Perhaps you should seek to add a bit of variety between the circular platforms as well. More ones like the double stacked one, as well as other types, is what I mean.

Omg Its so round!

Your userpic too!

Looks nice, but you really should remove that displacement at picture 2 since it looks out of place.

Looks pretty cool.
But 14 hours to compile that! Have you optimized it at all?

The 14 hour compile time would say no, it’s not even that detailed, he must have fucked some major shit up.

If your compile time took 14 hours for a flatgrass-with-lumps map, you’ve done something room.

You seem to have a leak there, it’s wrong not room :v:

Those tracks look fucked up in my perspective :geno:

:sigh: Another useless map.

aww, another useless construct map with way too small train curves. and its not even practically useful for anything. or shortly:
Another useless map.

I say it’s pretty cool in it’s own way.

14 hours for flatgrass map on core i5? Cool, my flatgrass2010 compiles in less than 10 minutes.
Rails, car tracks and something else are stolen from my flatgrass2010.
(v2 car tracks)

(screen from v2 beta with failish coreball) (the same rail with hovering button and striped switch)

Also, stfu_bee is a retarded kid, probably he is permabanned on all russian gmod servers. (no trolling, just fact)

Don’t try and hijack other peoples threads.

OP’s map actually looks better than your map, IMO.

OP’s is alot prettier and pleases my eyes more.

  1. dont compare your own maps, you look like a smug bastard.
  2. that map isn’t even better than the OP’s.


and by the looks of the post times, stfu_bee was first.

I see a bunch of gigantic boxes with useless garbage slapped inside them; all lit poorly. What I see in stf_bee’s map is at least some more thoughtful design and some decent lighting at that. What you claim he’s copied isn’t even great, and I in fact think it degrades the rest of his map. You want to act like a smug turd and boast about how your map compiled in 10 minutes? 10 minutes is all your map is worth. Well guess what, I can compile this fucker in about 4 minutes on a measly core2duo E6400 and 3gb of RAM:

I probably spent more time on this tiny piece than you did on your super mega awesome flatgrass map.

See how much of an ass hole I’m being? That’s how you’re coming off. Chill the fuck out. Sorry to the mods if this was overboard, but I witnessed the pinnacle of arrogance just now and I had to respond.

ANYWAY, Stf_Bee, I think your map would be best if it were just dedicated to giving players a unique, huge space to build in, like Frreespace. Freespace didn’t have any extraordinary features other than tons of structures to build on. There wasn’t shit like train tracks and crap lying about for you to build with, it simply had allocation and variation, but it’s a fantastic map regardless. Don’t worry about adding “nifty features,” just focus on perfecting your geometry and lighting while keeping it overall simplistic and clean. I like your theme, the big circular structures give players their very own “base” of sorts to build in while being comfortable. I don’t like what I see in the 2nd screen shot. Those displacements are a mega sore thumb and really break away from your theme. You should remove them and create another huge circular structure that encompasses a large area of uneven terrain (but spend time making it smooth and blended).